22PLE Glass Coatings Now In Stock at Esoteric Auto Detail!

After years of Research & Development to create one of the most innovative protective coating products in the detailing industry, we are happy to announce that the time has finally arrived, and 22ple Glass Coatings are now officially available here in the United States.

Offering just the right combination of brilliant gloss and durability, 22ple is available in 3 different formulas for specific application areas of the car: One for paint, one for plastic trim, and a high-temp formula for metal and rims.

The high silica-content glass coatings are applied in a thin layer as a liquid, and once cured, 22ple literally leaves a hardened glass barrier between the paint (or other protected areas) and the harmful elements. So not only does this glass barrier provide a brilliant gloss and shine, it offers a level of protection to your car that can’t be equaled by any wax or sealant. While most carnauba waxes last only a month or two, and sealants upwards of 4-6 months, you can expect 18-24 months durability with 22ple Glass Coating!

One of the key features of this coating is that harmful and destructive contaminants won’t stick to the surface as easily…leaving your paint in much better condition for a longer period of time. And since there’s less “stick” on the surface, you’ll find that washing and drying is MUCH easier and quicker. Your wash mitt will glide across the surface like never before (creating a safer, mar-free wash process), and drying is near effort-less due to the hydrophobic properties of 22ple.

When used on wheels and metal, the VM1 formula will prevent heavy brake dust buildup, and make subsequent cleanings much easier. And when used on plastic trim, the VR1 formula will create a deep, rich color that will last for well over a year…as opposed to just weeks for other trim products!

22ple Application Instructions:

1. Ensure the surfaces are cleaned & polished.

2. Remove all oil/polishes on the surface by doing an IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) wipe down. Use a mixture of 50% Isopropyl Alcohol with 50% distilled water.

3. Please make sure the surfaces are cool and TOTALLY dry before applying the glass coat.

4. Pour a small amount of glass coat liquid onto a soft applicator and apply in a straight line motion. Do not over-apply as it does not give you additional benefit, but might make it difficult to remove.

5. Make sure ALL surfaces are covered and you should buff off the coating with a clean, lint-free microfiber towel within 3~5 minutes in normal room temperature. Should you encounter any dried coating, simply reapply another layer over it and buff. If an area becomes dry / tacky, then it’s a sign that you allowed it to sit on the surface too long. We like to use 2 towels for removal…the first for main product removal, and then immediately go over it again with the second towel to ensure that you have completely removed all residue. As a good rule of thumb, apply 22ple to just 2 panels / sections at a time, and then proceed with residue removal. If you extend any more than this, the coating will dry too much and can become tacky.

6. Tact time (do not wash car or expose the car to open weather elements…rain, snow etc) is around 8~12 hours.

7. After this initial curing time, the car can be washed or driven per normal.

8. The full curing time is about 5 days, at which time the full layer of the coat will be hardened and the surface will look its best.

Note: This is the easiest to use pure glass coating product that you can purchase in the market currently, so you should not be too concerned about the application technique. Just make sure the surfaces are properly cleaned, oil-free and cool when using these coatings.

Since the coating will harden after a few hours, you should NOT re-use the applicator or the microfiber on another car as they will cause surface marring! While other coating products will claim to be hard, you will soon notice that 22ple coating is the only one in the market right now that will harden an applicator and microfiber…they are pure glass silica product and will provide a hardened layer of protection for the coated surface. Also do look out for the incredible shine when you look at the car under sunlight. Even a white or silver car will look incredibly vibrant after being glass coated with VX1.

22ple Product Lineup:

VX1 Signature Glass Coating

VX1 is designed for all painted surfaces.

VX1-20, 20ml bottle   $52.00 (this size is perfect for touch-up jobs)

VX1-30, 30ml bottle   $76.00 (this is a single-application bottle for one car)

VX1-50, 50ml bottle   $120.00 (this is a multi-application bottle for detailers)


VX1 Pro Glass Coating

This formula is very similar to VX1 Signature, but with a higher silica content (higher shine, more durability)

VX1-PRO-20, 20ml bottle  $60.00

VX1-PRO-30, 30ml bottle  $85.50 (single-car application)

VX1-PRO-50, 50ml bottle  $135.00


VR1 Trim Restorer / Coating

Designed for all types of plastic trim for restoring original color and keeping it protected / looking good for well over a year!

VR1-20, 20ml bottle   $45.00  (will usually handle 1 or more cars depending on the amount of plastic trim)

VR1-50, 50ml bottle   $93.00  (multi-car application for detailers)


VM1 Metal / Wheel Coating

Designed for metal trim, wheels, exhaust tips, and painted brake calipers. Withstands temperatures up to 700 degrees!

VM1-20, 20ml bottle   $45.00 (will usually handle 1 or more cars depending on the amount of metal trim)

VM1-50, 50ml bottle   $93.00 (multi-car application for detailers)


22ple Glass Coatings are now available for purchase online at www.EsotericCarCare.com


Todd Cooperider
Todd Cooperider
I am a 45 year old Professional Detailer, technical writer, and educator for the automotive and motorcycle industries. I have interests in high-end audio and video, I'm a huge college football fan, I enjoy speed skating when I have time, I am married with 2 kids, and have 4 cats and a dog!
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    Waiting for Santa to arrive with my 22PLE. I highly trust Todd when it comes to the latest products for maximum perfect results.


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