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Akrapovic Exhaust Systems

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Akrapovic Exhaust Systems

Akrapovic Exhaust Systems

Akrapovic Exhaust Systems

Akrapovic Exhaust Systems

Akrapovic Exhaust Systems

Akrapovič is the market-leading manufacturer of premium exhaust systems for high-performance cars and motorcycles.

It is a pioneer in the innovative use of titanium and super-alloys, and is at the forefront of carbon-fiber components. Akrapovič exhaust systems are renowned for increasing performance, unmistakable sound, innovative design, lightweight construction, quality workmanship, and durability. Founded in Slovenia at the beginning of the nineties by former motorcycle racer Igor Akrapovič, the brand has grown to international prominence. Through racing—which has led to winning major world championship titles—and setting the highest design standards—leading to Akrapovič winning a prestigious Red Dot award, along with numerous other Best Brand honors—Akrapovič is consistently at the forefront of exhaust system technology.



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The Finest Materials make the Finest Exhausts

Special Titanium Alloys

Not all titanium alloys are created equal! Akrapovič exhaust systems are crafted from a proprietary titanium alloy. It is three times stronger than other “commercial” alloys available. The high quality and strength makes it more difficult to form than common alloys, but it ensures a product that is substantially more durable, is dimensionally more stable, and has significantly increased heat resistance. Our titanium is 40% lighter than stainless steel, helping improve performance and handling. Akrapovič uses the best-quality materials available; we accept no compromises. The uniqueness in producing an Akrapovič system is further enhanced through the use of our own in-house titanium foundry to cast the complex parts of the exhaust systems. This allows intricate and special castings to be created, which is not possible with ordinary manufacturing methods, and pushes Akrapovič on to more innovative solutions, resulting in the perfect exhaust with lighter, stronger, and impeccably finished parts.

The Best Carbon Fiber

Our carbon-fibre products are produced in-house, with temperature-resistant carbon-fiber resin. Akrapovič uses the latest technology and machinery to produce these products, but the final assembly and inspection is by hand, with a meticulous approach to quality and finish. The benefits of our carbon-fiber products include weight reduction—up to eight times lighter than stainless steel—and an extremely attractive finish, which makes an Akrapovič tailpipe or diffuser stand out from the crowd.

Sound Shaped from Emotions

The sound of an Akrapovič exhaust is a very emotional and rewarding experience. This is why we have a dedicated team developing the perfect sound for every system. All exhaust systems must meet type-approval noise levels, but at Akrapovič we work within these limits to create an improved and distinctive sound that can be appreciated by all. Utilizing special measurement techniques and equipment to capture and analyse the ideal balance for cabin and tailpipe exhaust sound, we find a perfect harmony for that unique Akrapovič sound. Our engineers produce “sound color maps”—a signature of the exhaust system—and from these results and real-time on-road testing in all gears throughout the rev range, the optimum acoustic elements are calculated for the perfect sound experience. This way you always know that it is an Akrapovič, with just the right notes at the right time, which will give you that unmistakable sound.



Akrapovič exhaust systems are designed to increase performance. Our developers and engineers have created unique exhaust systems for all types of racecars, and it’s from this knowledge that we produce the same high-quality products for road cars. By using high-grade materials, reducing weight, and adding more horsepower, we strive to get the best out of each and every car. All systems are designed to signif cantly improve the car’s throttle response for better overall performance. When driving a performance car with an Akrapovič exhaust, you will feel the difference immediately.

High Quality

Akrapovič products are created and designed with passion and know-how by highly experienced and skilled employees. Over 95% of our products are produced in-house using the latest production technologies and meeting the highest quality standards. When developing and producing our exhausts and related products, we pay attention to every individual aspect: from carefully selected designs, premium materials, special reinforcements, in-depth testing, and f nal coatings to the packaging. Every single detail counts towards making an Akrapovič exhaust the best available.


Akrapovič exhaust systems are designed with the ideal balance of perfection and performance. We are the leader in exhaust technology and are constantly setting new standards and trends in the exhaust system industry. All of our systems are individually designed to f t every car perfectly while delivering optimal performance. We are continually striving to find the best solutions with the latest hi-tech components, and it is this dedication that makes us believe that an Akrapovič exhaust is the most stylish accessory for your car and that there is no better-looking exhaust system. Even if it is hidden under the car, an Akrapovič exhaust system is such a work of art that it could be displayed on your living room wall!

Advanced Technology

We develop and use the latest production technologies to bring real benef ts to the driver. Whether it is a world championship–winning machine or the latest road-going car, we create a perfectly designed and balanced exhaust system, with optimum f ow and heat resistance. By carefully selecting and testing the best materials to ensure ideal strength, lighter weight, and unique design, we make sure that every system contributes to greater performance. We are recognized as a pioneer in exhaust system development and manufacturing. With our in-house titanium foundry—enabling us to cast the most complex shapes—hi-tech machinery, precision welding specialists, and a highly trained and dedicated workforce, Akrapovič provides the best possible solutions for every exhaust system. Through advanced processes such as titanium casting, hi-tech hydroforming—to perfectly shape the tubes used for the systems—and the innovations we make within our state-of-the-art in-house metallurgical laboratory, Akrapovič is always at the forefront of the latest improvements in exhaust technology.


Using race-proven materials from our involvement in the world of high-class motorsports, all Akrapovič exhaust systems only use the best available. Our highly skilled engineers extensively test the materials—and the final product—to ensure that each system meets the highest standards. The products we manufacture are extremely durable and race-proven, having been pushed to the limit on the track, so that drivers enjoy the benefit on their cars.

The Akrapovič Sound

An Akrapovič exhaust system has a sound like no other! Extensive research and development in sound engineering have led to a perfect harmony that intensif es the aural enjoyment and offers added sensory gratif cation every time you hear the unspoiled notes pulsating from an Akrapovič-equipped car.


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Akrapovič is the choice of motorsport champions. In the last 20 years over ninety world champions have chosen Akrapovič exhausts. Whether motoGP or the gruelling 24hour Nurburgring, it has to be Akrapovič.

See the world of Akrapovič performance car systems in your hands, with this official Akrapovič application, hear the sounds, see the products and find the information you need on your iPhone or iPad.

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