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Ceramic Coating 1-Day Training Class

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The ESOTERIC Ceramic Coating Class

Learn how to apply ceramic coatings in this 1-day course! 

As you are aware, ceramic (glass, quartz) coatings have been all of the rages in the detailing and automotive protection industries for the past 8 years or so here in the USA, and ESOTERIC has been at the forefront of the trend since the beginning.

We have been the launch points here in the USA for multiple brands, and we were also heavily involved in some of the global launches as well. We have helped companies with product development, and we have had coating training as a part of our 2-day Elite Detailer Academy where we train professional detailers from around the world. In other words, we know the coating market quite well based on years of use and direct involvement with the manufacturers.

We are happy to now offer all of those learnings to new groups of people wanting to learn more about coatings. This 1-day intensive course is designed with the professional detailer in mind, however, it is open to automotive enthusiasts who simply want to learn the right ways to do it themselves!

Unfortunately, there is a lot of overblown hype and dis-information in the coating world. There are new (re-branded) coating brands that pop up all of the time, created by people with marketing backgrounds…not high-level detailing. Additionally, there are way too many “forum experts” on the subject or those who try to teach and/or sell coatings on YouTube when they don’t do it for a living themselves. There is a big difference in understanding between hobbyists and full-time professional detailers who operate at the highest level of the trade, and as a part of our training, we strip away the hype and marketing-speak, and teach you what is really important!

Limited to just 8 students per class, we will focus on a variety of classroom topics and discussions, as well as hands-on coating application on real cars (not just test hoods!).

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Ceramic Coating Discussion Topics

  • Background/history of coatings
  • State of the industry
  • Coatings vs…
  • Prepping the vehicle for coating
  • Proper maintenance afterward
  • How to sell coatings/pricing
  • Coating and PPF (paint protection film)
  • Matte / satin finishes
  • Coating myths (and there are a LOT of them!)
  • What to do when it is time to re-coat
  • How long do coatings really last?
  • How important is coating hardness ratings?
  • Warranties?

Hands-on Coating Training

  • Single and multiple-layer coating on vehicles
  • Plastic trim
  • Wheel and caliper coating
  • Windshield
  • Coating on PPF
  • Introduction to machine polishing
  • Prepping/washing/decontamination
  • Maintenance sprays

Upon completion of the course, you will have gained a very in-depth education on automotive coating processes. Whether you are an automotive enthusiast, aspiring detailer, or seasoned professional, you will find that the ESOTERIC Ceramic Coating Training provides the best education in the industry.

Unless otherwise noted, all training will be conducted on Saturdays.

We have recommendations for local lodging for those traveling in from out of state, and if you are flying in, the John Glenn Columbus International Airport is only 15 minutes from the ESOTERIC headquarters in New Albany, Ohio.

If you have any additional questions, please email them directly to

NOTE: We are sorry, but the training course will not be available for those residing in the greater Columbus area (Columbus, inside of 270, Powell, Westerville, New Albany, Gahanna, Pickerington, Blacklick, Grove City, Hilliard, Lewis Center).

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday: 8:30 am - 5:30 pm
Saturday: By appointment
Sunday: By appointment

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