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Restorative Detailing at ESOTERIC

When most people think of “Restorative” as it relates to detailing, they typically think of cars being cleaned on every square inch including tire tread, valve stems, undercarriage, etc.

While that is all part of the process, it can, and in many cases is, much more involved than that. Unfortunately, however, the term is over-used in the detailing industry, and what one company lists as “Restorative” services might be another company’s basic level of detail. And there really can’t be one set price because each car has its own specific needs, and each owner may have different goals that he/she wishes to accomplish.

At ESOTERIC, we understand what it takes to create a true award-winning show-car finish, and we also have the facilities and personnel available to handle more major restoration-grade services that may be needed for a given vehicle. We understand and appreciate the differences between prepping a car for a local car show and prepping one for a prestigious Concours event like Cavallino or Pebble Beach with professional and knowledgeable judges.

Concours Preparation and Representation Services Available

Full Concours detailing preparation ranging from simple and basic, to restorative-level detailing, vehicle management and representation on the Concours lawn at events such as Pebble Beach, Amelia Island, Cavallino, Keeneland, etc.

So, whether you’re looking to spruce up your Shelby Mustang or Corvette for a local show, or you’re in need of major Restorative-level detailing and representation of your rare Ferrari for one of the big Concours events, just get in touch with us so that we can consult with you and tailor a program to fit you and your car’s specific needs.

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