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The Best Time to Protect Your Vehicle

Just because a vehicle is brand new, it doesn’t mean that it is perfect. In many cases, new cars need to be machine polished to remove imperfections and to bring the gloss and clarity up to its full potential. Likewise, new vehicles come with no protection on the paint, wheels, glass, interior, etc. to keep it looking its best for a long time to come.

At ESOTERIC, we work on a lot of brand new vehicles from daily drivers to exotics and everything in between…we regularly have brand new cars shipped to us from all corners of the United States specifically for our new car preparation to get them started off right.

Because not every car is the same, and not every owner has the same wants and needs, we offer a variety of new car preparation and protection services. If you have a new car that you’d like to schedule for our new car preparation and protection services or have specific questions, please call us at 614-855-6855 and we will gladly get you taken care of.

What Makes ESOTERIC’s Services Better?

Our premium services have gained worldwide popularity over the years through our relentless dedication to providing the highest quality of work, through the use of the best products and tools in the industry, and by making the customer experience second to none.

Unrivaled Paint Polishing Services
We constantly test and evaluate processes to develop the highest performing (and safest) paint polishing techniques to bring out the most clarity and gloss. OEM auto manufacturers and professional detailers around the world have hired us to train them how to polish paint at the highest level.

Foremost Tools and Products
Equally as important to superlative techniques is utilizing the premier tools and products from the leading brands in the industry. Not only are we constantly testing and evaluating tools and products that produce the best results, but we also work directly with many of the top brands to provide product development support. We have also invested significantly in testing equipment that allows us to find the highest performing products without subjectivity.

Finest Paint Protection Film (PPF)
We use precision measuring equipment to test for the best clarity of film, which results in a better-looking install. We use film with the latest in hydrophobic technologies, which provides the best self-cleaning characteristics. We also require our films to have self-healing properties to keep it looking good for many years to come. There are a lot of different brands and quality levels in the market, and we continuously monitor new technologies to make sure we are offering film that meets our exacting quality requirements.

Unsurpassed Paint Protection Film Installation
The quality of installation makes all of the difference, and we continually benchmark our work against others to ensure that our customers are receiving reference-level work! The top PPF installers in the business are true artisans, and the difference between a good installer and a great one is significant to say the least. We network with, and share techniques with the top artisans in the business so that we know we are providing the cleanest installs out there. Vehicle disassembly (when needed), and tucking edges wherever possible are just a few of the key features of our installs that separate them from others.

Customer Experience That is Second to None
ESOTERIC was founded upon professionalism in everything we do. From the first contact, through the services process, to final delivery, our customers are treated with the highest levels of respect and professionalism to ensure that the customer experience is as good as the quality of service.


Ultimate New Car Preparation and Protection

Most Popular 

Cars = $4,495, Exotic= $6,695

This level is just that… the Ultimate in new car preparation and protection. This includes everything in the Premium package, plus it adds a full front end Paint Protection Film (aka “clear bra”) using the highest quality film. This product has a 10-year warranty, and the entire front end (bumper, full hood, full fenders, mirrors) will be protected from unsightly and damaging rock chips. What makes our installs stand out from the rest is the quality of the application itself (there IS a big difference from one installer to the next…just like detailing). Wherever possible, we tuck in edges of the film to minimize the number of visible edges. This makes for a much cleaner look and helps the film to “disappear”.

When we do this level, we will actually install the film first (after polishing), and then apply our protective coating on top of the film, as well as the rest of the unprotected painted finish.

Time required: 4-5 days

New Car Prep

Cars = $350, SUV/Large = $400

Because not all new cars come from the factory the same, not all new car preps are alike! But for most vehicles, our New Car Prep service will ensure that the car starts out right.

New cars usually sit in shipping yards, are hauled across the country on trains or on semi-trucks, then spend more time sitting on the dealer’s lot. During this time the painted finishes, in particular, tend to collect abrasive contaminants, and small metal particles that embed into the surface (commonly referred to as rail dust). If not treated properly, this rail dust will start to show as very small rust blooms particularly in the lower areas (easily noticeable on white cars). During a new car prep, we will chemically neutralize these contaminants, and apply a durable layer of sealant to protect the finish from the elements. We also treat glass and interior components as necessary.

A new car prep at the dealership takes about 30 minutes, whereas ours takes 3-5 hours. We are about quality and modern processes…not quantity!

Premium New Car Preparation and Protection

Cars = $2,400, SUV/Large = $2,600

For customers looking to bring out the highest amount of gloss in their paint, and to provide all surfaces with the most durable and maintenance free protection possible (without paint protection film – clear bra), we are happy to provide our Premium New Car Preparation and Protection services. At this level, we are starting with a thorough washing and chemical decontamination of the painted surface, followed by an intensive machine polishing to remove factory or dealership installed blemishes (swirls, light scratches, haze). This labor-intensive process polishes the finish to a level that simply cannot be achieved at the factory, and brings out the gloss to its fullest potential. Once the polishing process is completed, we hand-apply paint protection coatings that add even more gloss. Additionally, the durable coating lasts 18-24 (real) months! If the plastic trim is present, we also treat it with a very durable (over a year) plastic restorer. And to keep the wheels looking their best, and providing easier maintenance, we remove them from the car, and coat both inner and outer surfaces with a high-temperature metal coating. And to finish up the exterior of the car, we will apply a durable layer of protection on the glass surfaces as well.

On the interior of the car, all surfaces are treated accordingly depending on their materials, and carpets and floor mats will be treated with durable fabric protectants. Leather seating surfaces will be coated as necessary.

At this level of highly specialized detailing and protecting, you are getting a car in a condition that no factory or dealership can provide. This is for discerning owners looking for the absolute best in their cars’ looks and protection.

  • Intensive wash using deionized water and pH neutral detergents
  • Chemical decontamination of painted surfaces to remove any existing iron deposits that will eventually show up as tiny rust spots.
  • Machine polishing to safely remove factory defects, swirls, light scratches and to increase gloss.
  • Paint protection coating applied to paint and trim
  • Wheels removed and coated inside and out with a high-temp metal and wheel formula
  • Windshield coating applied
  • Leather coated as necessary
  • Fabrics treated with protectants
  • All interior surfaces treated as required

Note: If the painted surfaces are heavily swirled, heavily scratch, or have deep water spot etching, then we will assess the damage and quote accordingly depending on the amount of time required for multi-stage paint correction polishing.

Time required: 1.5 – 2 days

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