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Designed in San Diego Using the Highest Quality Flow-Forming Technology

Long a market leader in forged wheels, HRE now offers its FlowForm line of wheels featuring iconic styling and a level of quality embodied by the HRE brand, all at an accessible price point. This cast flow formed wheel is made in Japan with the highest level of design and engineering available in the world today.

The ESOTERIC Difference: Hard Coating at No Additional Charge

We realize that there are many places you can purchase your HRE Wheels from, but at ESOTERIC, we have technologies available to us that nobody else in the wheel business does.

We have been working with ceramic coatings for wheels and painted surfaces for years now, and have a tremendous amount of experience on what products and processes are the best. Given this, we can provide our HRE customers with the latest ceramic coating technologies that will best protect their wheel investment.

Our ceramic coating package is valued at $600…free of charge with the purchase of HRE Performance Wheels from Esoteric!

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Features & Benefits of Ceramic Wheel Coating

  • Ceramic coatings actually bond to the surface, creating a durable, sacrificial layer that protects the wheels for years. In comparison, waxes or sealants may only last weeks…
  • Self-cleaning properties of ceramic coatings makes maintenance much easier since corrosive brake dust won’t stick to the surface as easy as it will on a non-coated wheel.
  • High-temp resistant. These ceramic wheel coatings will not be affected by high operating temperatures, therefore it will help them last much longer than any conventional wheel protection.
  • All of our wheel coatings are applied, and then cured with IR curing lamps to achieve the best bond, and highest hardness level. Once again… Services and technologies that no other wheel supplier can offer!

Wheel Coating Services at ESOTERIC

For Local Customers in Ohio

Not only can we provide you with the latest HRE Wheels, but we can also work with you to provide tires to meet your wants and needs, and installation as well at our New Albany facility!

For Non-Local Customers

Once your HRE Wheels come in, we will apply our exclusive hard-coating process, then ship your new wheels anywhere within the country!

Have Detailing Questions?

If you have additional questions or would like to schedule service, please call or send a message!


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