Defend Against Winter Grime and Salt

Let us wax your winter worries away with a Winterization Detail Package 

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Interior & Exterior

The winterization process begins with a complete interior cleaning and exterior wash/decontamination.


Carpet Coating

Once the carpet has been cleaned, we will apply a fabric coating to the carpet to prevent staining.

Salt Defense

On the exterior of your vehicle we will hand-apply a high quality wax to protect against winter elements and make washes easier.


Windshield Coating

Repels grime and water for enhanced clarity.

Wheel Sealant

Prevents salt damage and adds gloss.

Special Pricing

Schedule today and enjoy all of these services for only $450!

Protect Your Vehicle Before the Bad Weather Hits

Now is a great time to protect your vehicle before the salt begins to be sprayed all over the roads! Keep your vehicle protected and easier to wash with a winterization detail package from ESOTERIC.

Have Questions? Call us at 614-855-6855 to learn more.

The Best Vehicle Winterization Package Includes…

At our detailing studio in New Albany, Ohio, your vehicle will recieve a variety of services that will clean + protect the inside and out through the winter and make washing easier when there is a break in the weather!

Don’t Damage Your Paint at Harsh Car Washes

First, we will thoroughly hand-wash and decontaminate the paint. After an air-dry, a layer of high-quality, durable wax will be applied by hand to the paint and the wheels will receive a sealant. To finish off the exterior we will coat your windshield and dress your tires.

Next, all interior surfaces will be detailed, including the mats! While the mats are removed we will apply a fabric coat to the carpet to prevent staining and make cleanup easier in the Spring.

Call 614-855-6855 to schedule your winterization today!


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