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When protecting and enhancing the world’s finest luxury and performance vehicles, there is no margin for error. ESOTERIC works in that rarified space where a millimeter is a mile, a speck, a boulder. We exist for those who match both our passion for excellence and contempt for mediocrity and understand that the distance between good and great is much smaller than the chasm between great and perfect.

Ceramic coating. Full detailing service. Customized window tint. Paint protection film. Sealants. Rims. From emblem to tailpipe, every service is faithfully executed to a degree that sets you and your vehicle apart from the pack.

To us, it is this simple: The very best deserves nothing less than our very best.

No one cares for your
vehicle more than we do.
Ok, maybe you do. Maybe.

For vehicle manufacturers, surfaces are just one more thing. To all of us at ESOTERIC, it is the only thing. How your car looks is a testament to how it performs. How you perform. We exist to take all aspects of your vehicle’s appearance to the next level, and in doing so create something as unique and lasting as your signature.

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Intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest.

Excellence All Over

ESOTERIC is a world-renowned auto detailing studio in New Albany, Ohio, serving passionate enthusiasts throughout the Midwest and North America who like to play—but love to win. Our knowledge and expertise extend to every facet of your vehicle. We work to understand the nuances of the latest paints and protection in order to bring out the very best in your vehicle’s appearance and performance.

Factory Paint… Ain’t

For high-end automotive manufacturers, the vehicle’s finish is way, way down on the priority list. And the more bespoke the vehicle, generally speaking, the worse the factory finish may be. At ESOTERIC, we understand subtleties of your vehicle’s factory finish, enabling us to take your ride to the next level.

The ESOTERIC Difference

The ESOTERIC studio is a collection of the most talented craftspeople with the deepest experience in the industry. Hover to reveal our expertise:

A portfolio of over 10,000 enhanced vehicles.

Tenured craftspeople in every discipline.

"Pick up the phone" relationships with dealers & manufacturers.

Full-time mechanic to ensure vehicle fidelity.

Industry-leading intake & vehicle prep process.

Customer service that sets the standard.

Unparalleled quality control.

A deep understanding of the "collector mindset."

At ESOTERIC, we did not invent the idea of aftermarket vehicle enhancement. We just perfected it.

Our Services

We surround your vehicle with 360 degrees of protection, customization, and enhancement.

Paint Protection Film

The best defense is a great offense. ESOTERIC PPF clads your vehicle with gloss, satin or matte urethane to protect your vehicle and act as a buffer between the elements and the paint.

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Ceramic Coating

Protect and enhance. Ceramic coating visually deepens the colors of your paint and wheels while providing a layer of protection against the elements.

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Window Tint

Available in shades from “light” to “mysterious.” Window tint provides both functional and aesthetic visual protection from UV, heat and prying eyes.

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