Perfect the appearance of your vehicle, protect your investment, and maintain it easily


Perfect the appearance of your vehicle​, protect your investment, and maintain it easily with detail packages built for your specific needs.

Proven auto detailing supplies for the enthusiast or professional. Purchase and use the same products we use in our studio. Look for exclusive lines and how-to videos on every item we offer!

Learn from the masters and improve your detailing skill set with our hands-on classes. Topics include high-level paint correction, ceramic coating, and business best practices.


Highline Detailing with Expert Care

We understand that figuring out how to best care for your car is or can be overwhelming. For over a decade, we’ve cared for vehicles from daily drivers to priceless pieces of automotive history. We offer comprehensive yet flexible detailing, protection, and customization services to suit your needs, and we do it with unequaled quality and professionalism.

    ESOTERIC Detail Porsche 918
    ESOTERIC Detail Corvettes

    Protect What You Worked Hard For

    Peace-of-mind while driving your prized possession is possible. Watch as one of our clients speaks about the ESOTERIC process.

    His 2019 C7 Corvette ZR1 received the following detail services:

    • Paint Correction
    • Full Paint Protection Film Wrap
    • Ceramic Coating
    • Carbon Barrel Forgeline Wheels
    • Wheel Coatings
    • Tinted Windows

    Take a Look At Our Detailing Work

    Paint Protection Film

    Paint Correction

    Ceramic Coating


    The ESOTERIC Blog

      Easy Car Cleaning After a Road Trip

      Easy Car Cleaning After a Road Trip

      This C8 Corvette Stingray just got back from a 5,400 mile road trip, less than ideal conditions if you're looking to keep things clean. Fortunately, the owner treated his vehicle to ESOTERIC's PPF and ceramic coating services. After a quick and painless maintenance...

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      Behind the Scenes at ESOTERIC Detail

      What does a day in our high-level detailing shop really look like? Follow Todd Cooperider as he gives exclusive insight into what a typical 9-5 day looks like at our New Albany facility! Watch the video below... To schedule your vehicle please visit our contact...

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      Ceramic Coating a Lamborghini Sian

      Ceramic coating uber-rare exotic cars can present challenging curves and contours. Todd Cooperider of ESOTERIC Detail shows our secrets and advice for ceramic coating any vehicle without causing frustrating damage. Video - Ceramic Coating a Lamborghini Sian If...

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      6 Tips for Streak-Free Glass

      6 Tips for Streak-Free Glass

      What is the best way to clean the glass on your vehicle? Todd Cooperider of ESOTERIC delivers 6 tips to get streak-free glass every time! Video - 6 Tips for Streak-Free Glass The ESOTERIC Check-List for Glass Cleaning Use the right towels Don't cheap out on glass...

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      Protecting a Rare Satin Painted G-Wagon with Satin PPF

      Protecting a Rare Satin Painted G-Wagon with Satin PPF

      Magno Cardinal Red G-WagonWhen purchasing a vehicle with matte paint, you need to be aware of an important detail - you cannot polish matte paint! If your vehicle gets scratched, it cannot be fixed by polishing. That is why it is so important to protect it against the...

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      Polishing the Fastest McLaren Ever – The Speedtail

      Video - Polishing the Speedtail Watch as we walk through the polishing process to get the Speedtail looking amazing! Gallery - McLaren Speedtail with a Jaguar XJ220 While the Speedtail was in our studio, an XJ220 appeared for restorative detail services. This...

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      E30 M3 Restoration With EAG – Video Series

      Part 1 - An E30 M3 Discovered Everybody likes barn-find stories, and in this one, we have a 14k mile BMW E30 M3 that was discovered by Enthusiast Auto Group in Cincinnati. In this, the first part of the series, we talk about the history of the car, and the plan to get...

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      Protecting & Detailing a LaFerrari

      The LaFerrari is the ultimate in modern Ferrari collectibles and the ultimate way to protect one is with quality Paint Protection Film installation! In this video, we dive into the steps needed for somebody to be able to drive their LaFerrari without the fear of damage.

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      Insane Car Show – The Event 2021 Video & Photo Gallery

      This May one of the most incredible car shows in the Mid-West was held at Mercedes-Benz of Easton to Benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation! Featuring hypercars from The Triple F Collection, as well as other vehicles from around the country, the event drew a huge crowd...

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