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ESOTERIC surrounds your vehicle with enhancement and protection offerings that will elevate your ride’s appearance and protect it from the elements, the road and reality. And every ESOTERIC service is performed with impeccable regard for you and your vehicle. Throughout the ESOTERIC process, we are in constant communication with you and document every step with photos to keep you connected. Finally, our rigorous quality control means your vehicle doesn’t leave our shop until it meets our (ridiculously) high standard.



Paint Protection Film

The best defense is a great offense. ESOTERIC PPF clads your vehicle with gloss, satin or matte urethane to protect your vehicle and act as a buffer between the elements and the paint.

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Windshield Protection

Shields up! With windshield systems becoming more and more complex, replacing a factory windshield is becoming a major install. Instead, protect your windscreen with an invincible shield that protects against chips while effectively screening out harmful UV.

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Ceramic Coating

Protect and enhance. Ceramic coating visually deepens the colors of your paint and wheels while providing a layer of protection against the elements.

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New Car Protection

There’s new. And then, there’s next level. Our signature New Car Protection package combines our most advanced corrective and protective processes to enhance your vehicle’s look and protect it for years to come.

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Window Tint

Available in shades from “light” to “mysterious.” Window tint provides both functional and aesthetic visual protection from UV, heat and prying eyes.

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Paint Correction

Factory paint ain’t. Not many people know that virtually ALL factory paint needs precision corrective treatment to bring out the full luster and impact of the color. ESOTERIC Paint Correction removes defects and delivers a better-than-factory appearance.

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Two comprehensive packages designed for new or existing customers.

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Aftercare Guide

Learn how to best care for your vehicle with the same products we use.

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