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Client Feedback

One of the best ways to judge a product or service is to receive feedback from those who have had direct experience with it. Here’s what clients of Esoteric Auto Detail are saying about the professionalism and quality of service they continue to receive:

I have detailed my own cars for almost 20 years as I never really trusted the work of ‘detailers’. However, I found myself following Todd’s blogs as the results he achieved were simply remarkable. So when I wanted to ‘restore’ a newly purchased 2008 Superleggera to better than showroom condition, I knew there was only one person in the country I would trust to work on it. I am a perfectionist and Todd honestly exceeded my expectations! In my opinion, Esoteric is in a class of its own.

– Jamie from California about his Lamborghini

Huracan STO Full PPF Wrap

I’m not sure what crime my car committed prior to my receiving it, but it was punished mightily by someone who was supposed to “detail“ it before I picked it up. I was shocked at how badly swirled it was, but I didn’t know enough to understand the cause or what to do about it. I love driving the car and just resigned myself to the paint looking the way it did. I ran across Esoteric Auto Detail in the AutoWeek list of top detailers in the US. I was stunned to see that one of them was in my very back yard! I looked at Todd’s website and saw cars with similar defects brought back to brilliance.

This is the third car he has detailed for us and the result is stunning. We spent 30 minutes walking around and looking at my car in the sunlight when we picked it up. Todd did a remarkable job correcting the paint and was an absolute pleasure to work with. I have been recommending him to everyone we know and we will be using him for all our future detailing needs.

– Michael from Ohio about his Porsche(s)

When I first took delivery of my new Ferrari 458 in Grigio Silverstone I was stunned by the scratches, swirls and holograms in the paint. After Todd came to New York and spent two days on it, the finish was flawless. It had amazing gloss and depth and not one imperfection was visible. After watching Todd work, I realized he was not a technician….he was an artist!

– Jeffrey from New York about his Ferrari

I have had experience with Esoteric Auto Detail on two wonderful occasions. The first was with my 2007 BMW M6 and the second was with my 2011 Lamborghini LP570-4 Performante (featured on the FAQ page). Both times, Todd completely exceeded any expectation I could have ever had. With the metallic black on the BMW, he made it appear as if it were a pool of paint instead of a simple coating. He made the interior look better than show-room new. His detail job was so incredible, the M6 needed nothing but regular washings for a year!

With the Performante, I figured that it was a white car and that the most I could expect was protection from future contaminants and pollutants. I could not have been more wrong. He made the white absolutely flawless; it was like seeing the car for the very first time. The biggest improvement of all was the carbon fiber door panels. They had so many swirl marks and scuffs in them from the factory that it literally dulled the appearance of the entire door. When Todd got done with them, you could see your reflection in them. It was a transformation unlike anything I thought possible on a car with less than 1,000 miles! His amazing work is exceeded only by his professionalism, character, attitude, and willingness to help the customer be satisfied. He is a true class act and has a customer for life!

– David from Ohio on his BMW and Lamborghini

Ferrari F12 TDF Wash

I currently own a 2004 Challenge Stradale. Although the car was in very nice mechanical and cosmetic condition the paint was just not up to my ‘fluorescent’ light standard. Nothing major, but for someone who really appreciates near perfection I was always bothered when I closely examined the car under artificial light. There, as Todd describes on a regular basis, were fine scratches, swirls, halos etc. So after reading many different threads on Fchat, detailing sites and his own page/blog I decided to call Todd and take the plunge.

To sum up my experience, I have NEVER sent a car off for any type of service/detailing where the finished product SIGNIFICANTLY exceeded my admitted lofty standards. I can, without hesitation, recommend Todd for any type of ‘detailing’ services you might ever want and I can assure you that the finished product will wildly exceed your expectations! P.S. there is one downside I can think of…Todd is 1300 miles away from me and my car!

– Jeff from Texas about his Ferrari

Industry Feedback

The high level of praise doesn’t stop with our clients… read below how Esoteric Auto Detail is regarded throughout the worldwide detailing industry and automotive media:

There is Auto Detailing, then there is Todd Cooperider (of Esoteric Auto Detail). Long story short, he’s one of the top auto detailers in the business. It’s not even a matter worth questioning, it’s fact!

– Editor of Autospies

Matte PPF

Todd is definitely one of the most knowledgeable people in the global detailing market. We have compared notes on products, training and techniques despite being in different continents, and I admire how much Todd gives to the industry. If we had more people with his foresight and pioneering spirit, the automotive detailing industry would be a great deal more advanced!

– Mike, owner of Car Care Products Australia

McLaren Speedtail

We were looking for someone to test our brand new products in the US under extreme quality aspects and in Todd we found someone with the same expectations as we have. His comments are highly inspiring and helpful for the development of new products. In our opinion there is still big potential in car detailing to make products and processes better. The perfect surface is the goal, together we are on the right way!

– Richard, Product Development Engineer, Sonax Germany


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