Ceramic Coating

Protect and enhance. Ceramic coating visually deepens the colors of your paint and wheels while providing a layer of protection against the elements.


Esoteric Ceramic Coating

Can be applied to the body and wheels.

Can be applied after Paint Correction for an even more enhanced visual appearance.

Utilizes the latest ceramic coating technologies.

Is available with an infinite warranty with ESOTERIC maintaining your vehicle.

Is applied by the most experienced technicians in the Midwest.

Applied over Paint Protection Film (PPF) for additional protection and ease of maintenance. 

ESOTERIC Ceramic Coating Services

Enhance and make maintenance easier with these services.

Two Incredible Coating Options

Since not every customer has the same goals when it comes to coatings, we have developed two different levels to choose from depending on your wants and needs.

3 Year Coating

36 Month Durability

Infinite Warrantied Coating

Infinite warranty with ESOTERIC maintaining the car bi-annually.
This coating package carries a 5-year warranty if properly self-maintained.

Wheel Coatings

1 Layer

9-12 Months Durability

2 Layer

18+ Months Durability

A La Carte

Windshield Coating

Fabric Coating

Leather Coating

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Ceramic Coating – What You Should Know

Our coating services have gained worldwide popularity over the years through our relentless dedication to providing the highest quality of work, through the use of the best products and tools in the industry, and by making the customer experience second to none.

Watch our ceramic coating video to learn more…

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