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Stainless Steel Supertruck

The Tesla Cybertruck boasts a stainless steel body that hasn’t been produced for a consumer vehicle since the DeLorean. The metal press process creates a very safe shell with a unique, angular look. New questions are arising pertaining to protecting the panels as well as customization. Will you look to change the appearance of your Cybertruck or keep it stock? 

Practical + Fast

Cybertruck fast facts: 3500-pound payload capacity, 100 cubic feet of lockable storage, 14,000 pounds of towing capacity, 0-60 mph in 2.9 seconds, and up to 500 miles of range. A potent combination of usability and performance.

Owner’s Manual Recommendation

The Cybertruck owner’s manual recommends not letting dirt or contaminants such as bird droppings, tar, and tree sap stay on the body and washing it immediately.

Cybertruck Protection

Protecting your Tesla Cybertruck is essential to ensuring its longevity and impeccable appearance. With our range of cutting-edge protective solutions, your Cybertruck can withstand any challenges that come its way. From high-quality paint protection film and tint to durable ceramic coatings, we offer the ultimate defense against scratches, UV damage, and environmental elements. Our expert team will custom-fit these solutions to your Cybertruck, providing seamless coverage that doesn’t compromise on style. Invest in the protection your Tesla Cybertruck deserves and drive with confidence, knowing it’s shielded from the rigors of the road, and nosy people.

Cybertruck Fingerprints
Cybertruck fingerprints stainless steel
Cybertruck fingerprints stainless steel

People will touch your Cybertruck

We guarantee it.

Tesla Cybertruck

Windshield Protection

Designed around a durable sandwich of strong yet flexible layers, Windshield Protective Film effectively absorbs and disperses impacts in the harshest extremes of climates and provides 99% UV rejection, shielding both you and your interior surfaces from harmful UV radiation.

Paint Protection Film

Clear, satin/stealth, or color options, PPF is the best way to protect the Cybertruck's stainless steel panels.

Body Ceramic Coating

The latest coating technology from ESOTERIC allows you to clean up your Cybertruck easier than ever for years.

Trim & Wheel Coating

Keep your trim rich grey and your wheel covers easily cleanable with specifically designed coatings for plastics.

Custom Vinyl

Nearly limitless color and design options to make your Cybertruck stand out.

Window Tint

Select from light, medium, or dark options to protect yourself and the Cybertruck interior from UV rays and heat. Light windshield tint is also a popular option to reduce glare day and night.



Customizing your Tesla Cybertruck is an opportunity to make it truly unique. At ESOTERIC Detail, we offer a range of enhancements to personalize and protect your Cybertruck. From sleek vinyl wraps that add a touch of style to paint protection films that safeguard the stainless steel exterior, our services ensure both aesthetics and durability. Whether you want to amplify its appearance or protect its pristine finish, trust our team to deliver industry-leading results.

Cybertruck Custom Red Wrap

Gloss Red

Cybertruck Black Wrap

Black Damascus

Cybertruck Custom Blue Wrap

Miami Blue

Just a few examples of the Paint Protection Film options in various finishes you can select from.



Can you wrap the Cybertruck?

Yes, you can wrap the stainless steel Cybertruck with Paint Protection Film or Vinyl. PPF offers true impact protection and is the best option to protect your Cybertruck. Vinyl is a much thinner material than PPF and is not meant for long-term durability.

Can you polish the Cybertruck?

No, not really. The best way to protect is to wrap the Cybertruck with Paint Protection Film (PPF) as soon as possible so smudges are easy to clean up and scuffing is avoided. 

Can you ceramic coat the Cybertruck?

Technically, yes you can Ceramic Coat the stainless steel Cybertruck. However, further testing on prep and application will be required by ESOTERIC and we will update this page on our findings.

How do you wash the Cybertruck?

The Tesla Cybertruck owner’s manual suggests washing the vehicle immediately when dirty. Washing should be done very carefully with proven, safe washing methods. We explain the best way to care for wrapped and coated vehicles in our aftercare guide.



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