Window Tint

Available in shades from “light” to “mysterious.” Window tint provides both functional and aesthetic visual protection from UV, heat and prying eyes.


Esoteric Window Tint

Is available in shades from 5% (very dark) to 90% (very light).

Is applied by highly trained and skilled technicians.

Delivers full UV and infrared protection across all tint levels.

Culminates with a professional detail.

Utilizes industry-leading film technology.

ESOTERIC Window Tint Services

Add privacy and protection with debris-free installation. 

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Window Tint Features & Benefits

Automotive window tint installation is an often requested service when a vehicle is in for detailing at ESOTERIC. Aside from improving appearance and privacy, the UV protection and heat-rejecting properties of tint make it a must-have for auto enthusiasts.

From 5% (dark) to 90% (light) you may select any darkness to suit your needs. Regardless of the tint darkness level, the UV and infrared protection remain the same.

Watch our overview video to get an idea of the window tint options and quality that ESOTERIC can provide.

For added windshield protection, check out our Windshield Protective Film services.

35% Window Tint
Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

50% Window Tint
Chevrolet Corvette C8

50% Window Tint
Mercedes-Benz E63S Wagon

50% Window Tint
Mercedes-Benz AMG GLE 63 S

70% Windshield Tint
Porsche 911 992

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