“Ferrari wearing a Chevy badge…Straight exotic. Loud. Pure awesomeness”
– ESOTERIC Founder Todd Cooperider after being taken for a ride in Chevrolet’s latest Z06 Corvette

Having had extensive experience with Ferraris (the F40, LaFerrari Aperta & Enzo being some of his favorite projects) and having had a few notable Chevrolets in his own garage (a C7 ZR1, a C7 Z06, a Camaro or two and a 2023 C8 Anniversary Edition Corvette), such a comparison from Todd is not without foundation.

Despite the current scarcity of new C8 Z06’s out on the roads, we were quite pleased to recently receive a new Accelerate Yellow model for some protective services. In this case the client chose Paint Protection Film & Window Tint Services to easily keep the new vehicle in the best shape possible as he enjoys driving it. While the new Z06 employs a ‘wide-body’ design in comparison to the C8 Stingray, our extensive experience with protecting C8’s since their release has prepared us for providing these same services for the new body style. In this particular case, the owner has opted for:

  • Full Front End PPF Installation
  • Enhanced Corvette PPF Package including the rocker panels, lower doors, carbon flash blades on door and rear fender, door sill, rear wheel impact, a-pillars, leading edge of roof and the gas cap.
  • Side & rear window tint utilizing 50% VLT XPEL tint. ‘VLT’ refers to the Visible Light Transmission rating of the tint, which is the amount of visible light that can flow through it. For example, with 50% tint, only 50% of visible light will pass through the window and likewise, with 15% VLT tint, only 15% of the light will pass through. In general, the lower the percentage amount, the darker the window tint will be. Check your state and local regulations for the tint laws in your area.


Upon arrival, the Z06 receives a chemical decontamination with Gyeon Iron to remove any ferrous deposits it may have encountered during transport from the Bowling Green factory. If you ever find yourself in the Bowling Green, KY area perhaps a stop at the National Corvette Museum and a Factory Tour would be in order. If you are planning a new Corvette Purchase, checking the R8C option when ordering will set you up for a new car delivery at the Museum itself!


The Z06 first moves into the Window Tint studio where the 50% tint is installed.


With tint complete, the precise installation of the Paint Protection Film begins.


Once completed, the vivid Accelerate Yellow paint and associated trim will be protected from road-borne debris and damage!

With new Z06’s being produced each day and the 2024 Corvette E-Ray nearing production, we expect to see numerous widebody Corvettes taking center stage in our studio in the coming months. If you have a Stingray, Z06 or E-Ray on the horizon, please feel free to reach out to discuss protection strategies. Additionally, our C8 Corvette Guide has a variety of information on protecting your current or future Corvette investment!

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