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ESOTERIC Tesla Model 3 Project Car

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The ESOTERIC Model 3 Project Car

There are a huge variety of services that we can perform on your Tesla. But, where do you begin? To get an idea of the possibilities, we outfitted a Model 3 with the best paint protection film and customization options. Watch the video as we guide you through everything we did to protect and customize to make this Model 3 stand out from the crowd.

Tesla Detailing & Protection Guide

Tesla owners are extremely passionate when it comes to their vehicles. Taking delivery of a Tesla is a special moment and owners are looking for the best way to customize, protect, and detail them. We are excited to offer a suite of vehicle protection and customization services specifically for Tesla owners!


Paint protection film (PPF), also known as “Clear Bra” is the ultimate way to protect your Tesla. We have years of installation experience and quickly adapted to the unique challenges of wrapping and protecting all types of Tesla vehicles. The film we install is the best in the industry and our installation quality is unmatched. From a normal viewing distance, you won’t be able to tell it’s installed at all!

Why Protect a Tesla With Paint Protection Film?

Measuring at 8mils thick with a urethane and self-healing properties, PPF is the best way to protect your Tesla from rock chips, bird droppings, tree sap, and people touching your paint. Don’t confuse thin vinyl wraps as a substitute! The film we install comes with a 10-year warranty from yellowing/cracking and we back our installation with courtesy follow-up service if needed.

Tesla Model S Plaid Paint Protection Film

As with most brands, the first step to preparing your Tesla for enjoyment is with paint polishing. We properly machine polishing the paint to bring out a high level of gloss, reflections, and clarity. While stock paint looks “good”, there’s always room for improvement. Factories simply can’t spend this kind of time polishing every single car that comes down the line. At ESOTERIC, we can make it look (much) better! We offer single-stage paint correction which will remove 80-90% of swirls all to the way to full multi-stage packages that deliver paint perfection.

tesla coatings at ESOTERIC 2

Coatings For Paint and Beyond

When it comes to coating vehicles, we have been at the forefront of the industry and were some of the first movers in the US. Options for coatings at ESOTERIC are one to three layers and we can build a package that includes the paint, wheels, calipers, and fabrics!

Our Coating Process

First, we apply a durable quartz coating to all of the painted surfaces, AND we also apply it on top of the film if you are having it installed. A wax or sealant may last you a month or two, whereas these new durable coatings last years when properly maintained.

We also apply a durable coating to the windshield that significantly improves how well water comes off at speeds, thus upping the safety factor.

Screen Protector

Console Protection

ESOTERIC Tesla Model 3 Project Car Interior

tesla console interior wrap protection esoteric

As Important as the Outside

As with the exterior, there are several ways we can protect and customize the interior of your Tesla. The first and most obvious is protecting the screen! We offer a high-quality screen protector that is anti-glare and anti-microbial FREE of charge! Click here to learn more.

The next area many Tesla owners like to protect is the center console. We apply paint protection film which will preserve and protect it from scratches for many years. Carbon fiber options are also available. Note that in addition to wrapping your paint and console, we can also protect your door sills with paint protection film.

Interior trim is another part of the interior that can use some customization! Vinyl wrap for various interior bits can enhance your vehicle and make it stand out.

Finally, seat and carpet protection makes cleaning a breeze. We can apply coatings to the seat and carpet that will keep your interior looking great and protected from salt and grime.

ESOTERIC is Your Wheel Expert

Installing custom wheels on your Tesla is a great way to enhance its’ looks as well as reduce weight and increase performance. We will work with you to provide wheels that not only look amazing but also fit your vehicle perfectly. Every wheel we sell receives complimentary coating which will make brake dust cleanup easier than ever.

The Top Wheel Brands

We have forged partnerships with the top wheel manufacturers including HRE, FlowForm, Forgeline, BBS, and Vossen. From carbon barrel wheels set up for racing to stylish custom finished wheels that will set your Tesla from the crowd, we will outfit your vehicle with the best.

Installation and Tires the ESOTERIC Way

We are tire dealers as well! Pair your new wheels with the perfect rubber when you order from ESOTERIC. We have high-quality tire mounting and balancing equipment that will not harm the finish of your wheels. We take the utmost care when working on your tires to ensure nothing harms your wheels.

Paint Polishing & Coatings

Improve paint clarity and make washing easier.

Paint Protection Film

The ultimate protection. Clear (gloss) or satin options with the best installation.

Window Tint

UV protection, heat rejection, and great looks!


Custom Wheels

One of the largest visual transformations you can make!

Begin Your Tesla Project

Protect your Tesla and build a custom detailing package with us today!

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