At ESOTERIC, we believe the best defense is a great offense, which is why our PPF process begins with precise application and finishes with rigorous quality control, always prioritizing the integrity of your vehicle.

A common question ESOTERIC has received about PPF (Paint Protection Film) and ceramic coating: does it affect the self-healing aspects of the film?

The short answer: no.

In general, most PPF and ceramic coating companies paired together will not hurt the integrity of the self-healing aspects. ESOTERIC has worked on numerous coated paint protection film cars with light marring that were easily fixed with a heat gun. However, remember that deep scratches or rock chips will not be able to self-heal. Paint protection film will only self-heal from light marring. So no, the self-healing aspects of your vehicle’s film will not be compromised during this process.

Watch our video below to learn more….

Video – Does Ceramic Coating Effect Paint Protection Film’s Self-Healing Properties?

At ESOTERIC, we credit our success to ridiculously high standards. We are constantly vetting, reviewing, and pressure-testing products to ensure that manufacturers’ claims match reality and that your vehicle gets the treatment it deserves.

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