For clients that are looking for the ultimate protection, completely wrapping a vehicle in paint protection film is an excellent option. The security of having every panel wrapped is peace of mind that is hard to beat!

Recently, this Acura NSX was in for a full wrap here at ESOTERIC. We have a longstanding relationship with Honda North America and when it comes to the NSX, we are extremely experienced. Our portfolio of work includes countless NSXs including multiple full wraps.

Not only is our install quality industry-leading, but the film we use provides the best performance on the market… from unmatched clarity to hydrophobic properties, having the ease of maintenance and worry-free ownership are important factors. To learn more about our film offerings and for video on our install quality please visit our PPF page.

Please enjoy the stunning results in the photos below. It is nearly impossible, even in person, to tell that this NSX is wrapped at all…

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