After a looong wait the Avant made a thunderous return to the US in RS6 spec. While you could drive around in stock form, that’s no fun is it? Let’s get to customizing and protecting…

  1. The first task was completely and seamlessly wrapping the entire vehicle with satin paint protection film. (It’s extremely hard to tell it is wrapped and everyone that see it thinks it is painted that way.) Satin film is the same thickness as clear gloss film and retains the same protective properties.
  2. Next up is tint. Sides and rear were tinted as well as the entire front windshield. Tinting the windshield is an extremely popular option as it block heat and UV rays, and reduces glare day and night. 18% all around and 50% on windshield.
  3. Lowering module installed. You must have the right stance when you are putting on…
  4. HRE Wheels – P200 in Polished Dark Clear. Touchless tire mounting and ceramic coating.
  5. Center console PPF – protecting the glossy console from scratches
  6. Painted door handles and accents black.
  7. Level 4 professional level body ceramic coating. Level 2 wheel coating.

Long live the long roof!

Audi RS6 Avant Paint Protection Film, Tint, HRE Wheels, Ceramic Coating Gallery

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