Camaro Paint Protection Film

Specialized PPF, ceramic coating, and tint packages for your Camaro.

The Most Extensive Camaro Detailing Packages Offered Anywhere

The 6th Generation Chevrolet Camaro not only looks the part of a high-end sports car, but it also has the performance to match. For those reasons, there is a tremendous amount of them being sold today. So what’s going to separate yours from the rest, both in the looks department and regarding future resale value?

By having ESOTERIC perform one of our specialized Camaro packages, your car’s looks will be the envy of your local car gathering since we are taking the finish to a higher level than the factory is capable of. Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, we are protecting the delicate finish from the harsh elements of the road or track. Not only that, regular cleanup and maintenance of your Camaro will be much easier; providing you with more time to drive!

We have created two complete Camaro packages below to suit your wants and needs, and there are more options within each category to customize your experience.

And for those looking for the ultimate in protection and ease of maintenance, we also have a 3rd option below which is for a full wrap in paint protection film.

If there are any other items, areas of interest or customization needs you may have that aren’t listed here, please just give us a call and let us know how we can help! Also please keep in mind that we are direct-dealers for HRE Wheels and Forgeline Wheels!

Chevrolet Camaro PPF Wrap 07

ESOTERIC Camaro Packages

Ultimate New Camaro Prep

Summary of the Ultimate New Car Prep for the Camaro

  • Single stage paint correction
  • Full front end paint protection film
  • One layer of protective coating on the body
  • One layer of Protective coating on the wheels and calipers
  • Windshield coating
  • Interior fabric protection

For pure black Camaros (non-metallic), you will require a multi-stage paint correction as opposed to just a single stage correction that comes in the regular Ultimate New Car Prep. This is considered our Exotic level, and the price is $6,695.

Shop time requirements: 3-4 days

Options & Upgrades 

Additional PPF Options
Lower doors / rockers / rear wheel impact area
Entire rear quarter panel / pillars
Wrap carbon fiber wing (ZL1 1LE) 

Coating Upgrade Options
Signature (2-coats. 3 years)
Premier (Professional-only series. 5 years)

Wheel Coating Upgrade Options
Signature (2 coats, 2 years)
Premier (Professional-only series, 3 years)

Window Tinting
5 windows, no windshield

Other Upgrades to Consider
We are also dealers for HRE, Forgeline, and BBS Wheels for that custom look, or if you require a separate set of wheels for the track.

Crystal Series Ultimate New Car Camaro Prep

With the Crystal Series package, you not only receive our absolute highest level of paint polishing, but you also get upgraded to our Signature Package of coatings on both the body and on the wheels. All other services are the same as the Ultimate New Car Prep.

Summary of the Crystal Series Camaro Package

  • Multiple stage paint polishing to remove texture in the finish. This is our highest level of paint correction and is much more than just a standard multi-stage process.
  • Apply Paint Protection Film to the entire front end and mirrors.
  • Apply multiple coats of a durable coating to body, film, windshield, and wheels.
  • Detail/treat interior.

Notes on coating: In addition to an increased level of gloss and shine, coatings also add a deepening and richening of colors. Blacks will be blacker, reds will be a deeper red, etc. Also on colored or satin wheels, coatings will have the same effect. It will not turn satin wheels glossy, but it will add a darkening and richening effect.

Notes on Paint Protection Film: PPF is designed to be the sacrificial layer in the protection of paint, therefore it is a wear-item over time. It adds puncture resistance, however it is not impenetrable. Should the film become damaged over time, just that panel can be replaced, instead of having to re-paint a panel.

For all of the details on this high level, please see our article: Crystal Series Corvette Z06 by ESOTERIC.

Paint From the Factory

esoteric crystal series corvette 1

The Same Area, After the Crystal Series Paint Correction

esoteric crystal series corvette 2 after paint correction

Shop time requirements: 5-7 days

Options & Upgrades 

Additional PPF Options
Lower doors / rockers / rear wheel impact area
Entire rear quarter panel / pillars
Wrap carbon fiber wing (ZL1 1LE)

Window Tinting
5 windows, no windshield
Windshield: $300

Full Camaro Wrap in PPF

  • Full wrap with clear paint protection film
  • Satin paint protection film on the hood (1LE models)
  • Wrap edges wherever possible
  • Light disassembly (mirrors, door handles, emblems, etc)
  • Includes brand new, factory emblems

ESOTERIC Camaro Video Series

NOTE: If you’re interested in something for your Camaro that doesn’t fit into one of these packages, please let us know. We can configure services that are custom tailored to your specific wants and needs! Just let us know how we can help…

Have Detailing Questions?

If you have additional questions or would like to schedule service, please call or send a message!


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