Is the difference between Clear Paint Protection Film and Satin Paint Protection Film clear to you? The difference visually is striking, but in terms of protection, they are the same! At 8 mils thick with the same self-healing properties, the choice you have between clear and satin are up to how you want your vehicle to look!

Satin Versus Matte

The terms satin and matte are used interchangeably although the words mean different things. Matte is completely dull, like the paint on a wall, while satin PPF has a sheen and is semi-translucent, showing the color of the vehicle underneath. There is no “matte” paint protection film although that term is commonly used.

View the galleries below and decide for yourself which type of paint protection film you like…

Gallery – Satin Paint Protection Film – Full Ford F-150 Platinum Truck Wrap

Gallery – Clear Gloss Paint Protection Film Wrap – Roush Ford Raptor

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