So you bought a new car…

Looking to protect it from the abuse of daily driving?

ESOTERIC’s Ultimate New Car Prep package is perfect for you!

Understanding how regular driving can negatively impact the value of your car over time, we put together a curated package of services that is designed to enhance and protect your vehicle for the long term. The Ultimate New Car Prep combines paint correction (polishing) to refine the finish of the paint, paint protection film (clear bra) to protect your car’s paintwork from rock chips, and protective coatings to prevent dirt and debris from sticking to the surface of the car’s panels. This package is perfect for someone who has recently purchased a new or like-new vehicle and is looking to perfect and protect the vehicle for its entire life. With the Ultimate New Car Prep, you will get the best looking and well-protected car that you’ve worked hard to afford, while also preserving its value for many years to come.

Susie brought us her new BMW X3M wanted to perfect and protect her car for daily driving in Northeast Ohio’s humid summers and harsh lake-effect winters.

Part 1: Delivery and Prep

Decontamination and Prep for Paint Correction

Before any paint correction begins, we thoroughly wash and decontaminate the X3M. We decontaminated it both chemically and mechanically to remove embedded contaminants that have settled on the paint throughout its production and transportation to the owner. This is part of our standard procedure in order to prepare the paintwork for polishing.

With the help of our high-quality drying machines, we can dry the car without causing any additional swirls.

IMG 1898

Next we bring the car inside and take the wheels off. More on why we remove the wheels later.

IMG 2080 1

Part 2: Paint Correction

Defect Removal

As part of the Ultimate New Car Prep Package, single-stage paint correction is included to remove the minor imperfections that arrive from the factory and dealership. We’ve perfected the best way to machine polish your car’s paintwork to bring out its true color and clarity, while also maintaining the integrity of the clearcoat for the life of the car. Many times, new cars, even those with just delivery miles, have swirls, holograms, or haziness in the paint. This comes from the dozens of people who touched your car during production, at the dealership, and during transport. We polished the entire X3M to knock down the top layer of defects for beautifully clear paint.

IMG 1945

IMG 1948

No swirls, haze, or holograms here!

IMG 1951 copy 1

Part 3: Paint Protection Film

Protection for a Daily Driver

As a part of our Ultimate New Car Prep, or “UNCP”, high-impact area paint protection film is applied. We define the high impact areas to be the entire front end of the car(front bumper, front fenders, hood, and mirrors), the lower rocker panels, and the areas behind the rear wheels These areas take the most abuse from your daily driving and because of that, we recommend this amount of paint protection film as the bare minimum to have applied.

Our process is a little different than most shops because of our multi-layered quality control process that happens before, during and after installation. Prior to installation, we clean every panel, seam, and edge to ensure that there is proper adhesion between the film and the car’s panels. During installation, if we notice any debris that is larger than a grain of sand, we will pull the entire piece of film, dispose of it, and start over with a fresh piece of film. Once the installation has been completed, we have a minimum of four people look over every edge and panel to check for issues that may need adjustment before the car leaves our care.

While certain panels may be incredibly large, like the hood of this X3M, we will still apply only one piece of film with perfect placement and alignment for no visible seams. Additionally, we frequently remove badges and trim pieces around the car to produce a more-perfect end result, with fewer edges and visible seams.

IMG 2069 2

Laying the clear film.

IMG 2217 IMG 2220

Making some adjustments

IMG 2241

The hood is almost fully installed!

IMG 2258

Instead of using patterns that have the fender vents cut out, we use a custom design that removes the cutouts so that we can have a more precise finished product. Pre-cut patterns offer young film installers an easier installation, sacrificing a higher-quality result on your car’s finish . We aim much higher than the average detailing company, using custom film and hiding the film’s edges wherever it is physically possible.

IMG 2359

IMG 2369

IMG 2387

Next pieces are the lower doors…

IMG 2636 IMG 2641 IMG 2680 IMG 2682

and now the rocker panels.

IMG 2625 IMG 2627 IMG 2659   IMG 2673 IMG 2694 IMG 2668IMG 2665

Only areas left to protect are the wheel surrounds and the addition of adding the rear bumper protection.

IMG 2597 IMG 2430

Part 4: Ceramic Coatings

For added protection and looks

Protective ceramic coatings (also known as quartz or glass coatings) help prevent dirt and debris from adhering to the surfaces that they are applied to, making the regular cleanup of your car much easier over time. These coatings can be applied to paintwork, paint protection film, glass, wheels, brake calipers, fabric carpet and floormats, and leather. Our entire aim in applying protective coatings on this X3M is to keep it cleaner, for longer, and make it incredibly easy to wash and shed dirt, salt, snow, and rain.

At ESOTERIC we have three levels of coatings to choose from, in a good, better, best arrangement. The different levels equate to different layering combinations that range from around 2 years of durability with our Level 1 package, all the way up to 5 years with our Level 3 package. In our Ultimate New Car Prep package, we apply our Level 2 coating package on the exterior paintwork and paint protection film, wheels and brake calipers, exterior glass, and interior fabric and leather.

IMG 3237 IMG 3299 IMG 3298 IMG 3292 IMG 3258

This coating package also includes the wheels! Remember how we took the wheels off? This is why!

Our absolute favorite wheel coating is Stance Rim Coat from Kamikaze-Collection. Our level 2 coating adds 2 layers of Stance Rim Coat to the rims and the brake calipers. If you have a German car (Audi, Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, etc) brake dust accumulating on the wheels can be unsightly. Stance Rim Coat prevents the brake dust from etching into the surface of the wheel and allows nearly all of the brake dust to rinse off when cleaned with a pressure washer.

IMG 2166

The coating also has a richening effect to the painted surfaces of the wheel. Blacks become deeper blacks, reds become a deeper red. This isn’t just because the coating is freshly applied, the coating actually adds a darkening and richening effect.

IMG 2178

Applying the coating…

IMG 2190

Part 5: Customer Delivery

Glamour Shots

We seek to capture finished photography of nearly every car that we work on to show the huge impact we can have in making each car looks its best, while also being well-protected. See the finished photos of Susie’s X3M below to better understand how your next new car can look!

If you are interested in protecting your daily driver or priceless piece of automotive history, visit our website or Contact Us. We’d love to help you build a custom plan to perfect, protect, and maintain your vehicle.

Read more about our Ultimate New Car Prep

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