Barring the unusual exception, the prospect of attending vendor conferences is often anything but exciting; bland dinners, tiresome speeches, buzzwords being bandied about in a criminally irresponsible manner…an endurance test at best. Fortunately for Todd, Gyeon Quartz is that unusual exception…that rare, *extremely* unusual exception! Follow along as we explore some of Todd’s experiences as he braves current air travel conditions, attends Gyeon’s G-DAYS 2022 Conference, receives an award, experiences a bit of Automechanika, enjoys some time at the Porsche Experience Center, discovers the limits of driving & riding in a variety of exquisitely dynamic Porsches ( mostly in the right direction ), and dives into some great networking with many like-minded denizens of the Gyeon Global Universe; a tough job for sure but somebody had to do it!

As ESOTERIC was the first U.S. importer/distributor of Gyeon products it’s important for us to keep current with the latest in technology & techniques and events like this are a cornerstone of our long standing relationship with both Gyeon Global and, more in our own neighborhood, Gyeon USA. With an eye towards supporting the brand via education and implementation, we were very flattered to be awarded for our Global Social Media Influence for the brand! Much or our Gyeon content is available in our extensive YouTube library but also watch for Gyeon content on our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn feeds!

WM Award

WM G Days YvesandTodd

Todd with Gyeon Brand Ambassador Yves Heylen


With the global sphere of influence that Gyeon maintains, networking connections at these events provide a single touchpoint of understanding of what may be gaining ground in our industry outside of our own markets. The opportunities to discuss regional specifics regarding the detailing industry and client preferences allow ESOTERIC to broaden our awareness of potential client benefits beyond the present day environment, an environment that can sometimes be restricted by geographic boundaries ( both real and perceived ). And aside from that little digression into corporate-speak, meeting folks with similar interests from other areas of the globe is just plain fun!

WM AussieDinner

A fine dinner with friends from Gyeon Australia, as well as Gyeon USA. Suffice it say a great time was had by all.


WM GyeonJapan

Team Gyeon Japan!


WM GyeonBrazil

Gyeon Team Brasil!


WM GyeonWall

WM GyeonCoatings


When it comes time for ‘team-building’ what better way than to pair up at the Porsche Experience Center at the Hockenheimring? With Todd being the sole U.S. reseller in attendance, it was only logical to team him up with Nate, the Gyeon Quartz USA Business Development Manager. Driving and then riding shotgun with Nate in the wet avoidance maneuvering, a good time was had all around…and around, and around and around again apparently.

WM Gdays22 NatePEC

Gyeon Quartz USA Business Development Manager Nate.


Should you desire to enjoy the same experiences without traveling quite as far, Porsche has Experience Centers in Atlanta & Los Angeles where you can partake of all this brand has to offer with a variety of driving programs!

A few more sights to behold at the PEC…


Porsche GT4RS


Porsche GT3RS


A visit to the Porsche Factory & Museum in Stuttgart/Zuffenhausen was also in order!

WM Porsche Factory

Porsche Factory


Full of notable Porsche achievements, one is able to get up close and personal with automotive artifacts like this 3-time LeMans winning 936/77 Spyder.

WM 936

Porsche Museum


We’d like to thank Gyeon for recognizing ESOTERIC and all of the creativity and hard work our Social Media teams put into furthering the Gyeon brand. Additionally, the camaraderie, knowledge and dedication to the global Gyeon family exhibited at G-Days 2022 stands as testament to the cooperative excellence that remains a pillar of Gyeon experience. 2022 has certainly been an extraordinarily exciting year at Gyeon and we look forward to seeing what comes next!

WM Welcome Sign

Really Nate?! Photo-bombing the ‘Welcome’ signage?


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