We have always made education a priority here at ESOTERIC, as both the general public and detailers alike need a reliable source for top-level information on proper detailing.

With this in mind, we recently teamed up with Forbes.com to introduce the general public to paint correction detailing, and how even brand new cars can significantly benefit from it when done properly.
The article was written by Karl Brauer, who is a 20 year veteran in the automotive industry as a writer, analyst, business consultant, and media representative. Karl is a contributor to Forbes.com, and currently acts as Senior Director of Industry Insights at Kelley Blue Book.

We are very proud to be featured by such a respected company as Forbes, and we hope that you take a few moments out of your busy schedule to read (and share) their article.

Article on Forbes.com:
Paint Correction: How to Address the Ugly Secret Lurking in Your Brand New Car’s Paint

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