Ferrari paint correction has always been a specialty of ours, and this brand new 812 Superfast was in need of just that. The paint from the factory contained marring and defects that reduced the clarity and “pop” of color. Vehicle paint from all marques can be improved when new and represents a large portion of the work done in our shop.

Paint correction on a new vehicle also sets a great foundation for applying paint protection film and/or quartz coatings. Remember, the vibrancy of a vehicle is brought out by the paint condition, not the coating.

Review these before and after photos of the Superfast below. Also, note the front-end was fulled wrapped in paint protection film for care-free driving.

Before Photos

After Photos

As you can see (or not see!) how the installation of the film is seamless on the front-end and is very hard to tell it is even wrapped!

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