In the world of exotic cars you will often find owners stashing them in climate-controlled garages under car covers and rarely driven. “Perfect” condition is something many are in and putting miles on a car or driving it in the rain (gasp!) would be unthinkable! There is a flip-side to that however – a sub-culture of enthusiasts who aren’t concerned about mileage and wear, and just want to drive the darn things!

An Abused Ferrari?

Enter Ed Bolian, founder of VINwiki. Ed recently came to own a Ferrari F430 Scuderia that had… some history. With plenty of miles (for a Ferrari) and plenty of re-painted areas, we reached out to see if we could offer some assistance in transforming it back into a gleaming piece of automotive art.

The first task was to fly down to Atlanta and visit VINwiki headquarters so we could assess the situation! Todd Cooperider and Ed went over the vehicle and assessed the critical areas of concern and what would be possible. The bad news – there was respraying of panels that would need to be done, but the good news is that everything from the carbon fiber, leather, and more could be addressed. From there, what can be done to protect and make sure it stays looking great and is easy to maintain? Stay tuned to our series for future updates!

A Restorative Video Series Is Born

In our first video, Ed Bolian of VINwiki shows us his “highly used” Ferrari 430 Scuderia that has all kinds of issues. Is it a project that ESOTERIC should take on to bring this car back to its former glory?

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