The Spyder variant of the Lamborghini Huracan Performante has hit the US and we have been working on a large project featuring this example painted in Grigio Telesto.

From the factory, the Performante Spyder has a host of weight-saving and aerodynamic tweaks. Forged composites trim the interior and exterior in both gloss and satin. While these components look great, they should be protected!

To customize the appearance (and to add protection) we started by disassembling critical components. This allows us to seamlessly wrap panels and tuck every edge possible. Door panels, vents, glass, and other bits are removed for the wrapping procedure. Note that the paint protection film is semi-translucent, meaning the color of the paint is visible while adding a matte finish. The matte film we use also retains the properties and protective benefits of the clear film — including a hydrophobic top coat and self-healing properties.

Follow the journey of photos below as we transform this Performante into a matte-wrapped custom creation.

Emblem removal is key in seamless wrapping.

The Rear deck is an extremely technical panel to wrap. You can see the matte vs. unwrapped panels.

Large pieces of the film completely wrap entire panels. Areas such as the door handles are hand-trimmed out.

Film is applied “wet” with a soap solution and squeegeed out.

Once laid, the film is set and edges are wrapped. This is a continuous process of checking and finalizing details over several days.

Once complete, we add accent pieces and graphics to finish the look. This is gloss film going on top of the matte.

Triads are reversed out of the top film that matches the theme of the interior.

Italian flag color is inserted in the vents and the gloss film continues to the rear deck lid.

“Performante” text and accents are added to both rear fenders.

The showstopper!

To learn more about paint protection film solutions from ESOTERIC please visit our film services page.

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