Our facility has been filled with various Ferraris the past few weeks, among other vehicles! Here is a behind-the-scenes look at a recent project…

Tour de France Blue Ferrari 488

Full Paint Protection Film Wrap for the Ultimate in Care-Free Driving

This 488 was brought in for a complete wrap with STEK (pronounced “ESS-TEK”) Film which is the highest performing film on the market. Its’ clarity, ease of install attributes, and built-in hydrophobic top-coat make it our choice when installing film. Before wrapping, we work with clients to form the perfect solution to meet their goals. Many owners opt for paint correction before wrapping or coatings. While you can wrap or even coat a vehicle without paint correction/polishing, every vehicle, even brand new, can benefit from at least a single-stage paint correction.

When it comes to installing technique, it may be surprising that many projects here at ESOTERIC entail disassembling various parts of the vehicle to achieve the highest level of PPF install quality. Our goal is to wrap as many edges as possible to truly give a seamless look to the vehicle. Everything from the door panels to bumpers, quarter glass, door handles, and mirrors could be removed depending on the vehicle.

Please view the below photos to see a timeline from the beginning to the end of this project. A full-wrap typically takes 6-8 days to complete.

esoteric blue 488 full ppf wrap 1

To remove the front emblem the bumper must be removed.

esoteric blue 488 full ppf wrap 2

With the bumper off, the emblem can be removed.

esoteric blue 488 full ppf wrap 3

The process of laying the film begins.

esoteric blue 488 full ppf wrap 4

Hand-trimming the film which will later be wrapped around the edges.

esoteric blue 488 full ppf wrap 5

esoteric blue 488 full ppf wrap 6

Side-emblems are also removed for completely seamless installation.

Ferrari Full-Wrap Final Results…

esoteric blue 488 full ppf wrap 7

esoteric blue 488 full ppf wrap 8

After a full-wrap, the film is very hard to detect. Completely protecting your vehicle can add long-term value and peace of mind.

Please let us know how we can help you reach your vehicle protection and enhancement goals.

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