It is no secret the vehicles we work on and the results we achieve when perfecting and protecting the paint. From Ferrari to Porsche and everything in-between, we share many projects on our Instagram account. But, did you know that we also share all of our knowledge and techniques in video form for the public as well as in our Elite Detailer Academy? From identifying paint defects to paint correction tricks and techniques, here are a few videos that pull back the curtain on our in-house paint correction and detailing processes…

Ferrari Detailing – Paint Correction

In our most extensive video yet in our Ferrari series, we tackle the paint correction process. We go over specific techniques, products used, and other important factors to consider when working on Ferraris. Not only a Ferrari-specific video, this one answers a lot of questions about proper and modern paint correction techniques.

View the entire Ferrari detailing series here.

How to Identify Paint Defects

Featuring a BMW E39 Restoration Detail, we discuss the details of how to identify paint defects.

How to Do a Test Section for Polishing

A question we get quite frequently. In this video, we talk about the importance of a proper test section, and how to go about doing it.

Whether you are looking to tackle these projects yourself or have us perform any one of our numerous paint correction offerings, know that our process will get you the best possible results!

We also sell all of the products we use. Visit to build your detailing arsenal.

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