Custom Protection Project

If you drive a multi-million dollar exotic or daily driver, proper protection can make the ownership experience much more enjoyable! No two vehicles or projects are the same − This rare Lamborghini Sian had unique needs we addressed with the following services…

To begin, a very high-level paint correction was performed to clean up blemishes and scuffs. It is not uncommon for even new vehicles to require paint polishing to look their best.

Next, paint protection film was installed on the full front-end as well as all of the high-impact areas around the vehicle. The unique design of the Sian is challenging to wrap with film. No patterns exist for the panels so everything was custom hand installed and trimmed. 

Finally, the entire vehicle, including the wheels, were ceramic coated with a 4+ year coating. Ceramic coating is applied to all panels as well as on the film. Not only does coating make maintenance a breeze, it protects the film and paint against bird droppings, staining, and hard water spots.

Watch the video below for a tour…

Lamborghini Sian Overview Video

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