Sold for only two years, 2005 and 2006, the re-imagined GT40 has become a modern icon that is highly collectible. With only 4,038 of these ever made values continue to rise. Owners are looking for the best way to protect their investment, and also enjoy driving them! But, what is the best way to protect a vehicle?

How to Protect Your Investment?

The Best Paint Protection Film Paired with the Best Installation

To preserve this piece of automotive history we wrapped the entire vehicle with paint protection film (clear bra). There are several brands of film on the market and we only install the best and clearest film using the most seamless techniques possible. The results speak for themselves by not saying anything! Properly installed film is virtually undetectable to the passerby. For an even more undetectable install we offer disassembly services (door handles, glass, etc.) so panels such as doors can be wrapped without visible edges.

Ready to Protect Your Automotive Investment?

Let’s discuss how we can help perfect the appearance of your vehicle​, protect your investment, and maintain it easily. Contact us today!

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