Mercedes-Benz E63S Wagon

Project Details

If you want to be low-key with 600 horsepower, the Mercedes-Benz E63S Wagon may be the vehicle to do it in. But, will the deep exhaust note betray you as you galavant around town? Or, will you be invisible to the police as you haul ass (and lumber) away from Home Depot for your weekend project?

The services this long roof received at ESOTERIC not only enhance the look but add protection for years to come…

  • Single-Stage Paint Correction: Enhances gloss, depth, and cleans up factory swirls and marring.
  • Window Tint: Includes complete windshield: Protects against UV rays and rejects heat.
  • Full Paint Protection Film Wrap: All panels seamlessly wrapped and edges tucked for invisible appearance. The film comes with a 10-year warranty against cracking and yellowing.
  • Ceramic Coating: Yes, a coating on TOP of the PPF is possible! Protects from staining and makes cleanup easier!
  • Ceramic Wheel Coating: German cars generate tons of brake dust! Keeps wheels cleaner, longer, and easier to wash.