A Conversation with Todd Cooperider

ESOTERIC has always been a company focused on the high-end of the market, servicing customers and professionals looking for product of uncompromising quality and performance regardless of price. This philosophy made them an ideal partner for RUPES in the early phases of our US based distribution network. At the time very few, if any, polishing tools commanded a $400+ price tag, but then again very few people understood exactly what a BigFoot polisher was capable of. Through their reputation as a business representing only the very best product ESOTERIC was instrumental in helping RUPES grow our brand in the North American market.

This month we take a few moments with Todd Cooperider of ESOTERIC Car Care to get his perspective on what it means to be an authorized RUPES distributor and how it has changed the way his team does business.

What was it that initially attracted ESOTERIC to RUPES products?
“Being one of the very first people in the USA to get the opportunity to test the LHR21 BigFoot way back in late 2012, I knew immediately that this machine represented a quantum shift in paint correction technology. And after spending a day at the RUPES factory in Milan a few months later, it only solidified my beliefs that we needed to be one of the first movers of the product line into the country. So for the past 6 years, it’s the only line of polishers that we use and offer to our customers.”

Because you were one of the very first distributors for RUPES in the USA you remember a time when the LHR21 was the ONLY tool we had to offer. Now that there are so many options what would you say is the RUPES product you talk to customers about the most?
“The lineup has definitely increased significantly since our first purchase orders, and we have much more to speak with our customers about. In terms of machines, it would be the LHR15 that we talk to customers about since it’s simply the most versatile machine in the lineup. From the DIY person to the most highly skilled detailers, the LHR15 is capable of everything from one-step polishing to high-levels of multi-step paint correction.”

Some people may not know, but you also run a successful training program; ESOTERIC Elite Detailer Academy. What impact have BigFoot tools had on that?
“We have been operating the Elite Detailer Academy since the spring of 2012, and have had students attend from over a dozen countries around the world. We quickly incorporated the RUPES machines into our training back when we became one of the first two distributors, and never looked back! We do things a little differently in that we train with, and sell products that we use, and not the other way around. It’s easy to teach aspiring professionals with what you choose to use on a daily basis.”

In your time as a RUPES distributor have you seen any significant changes in the buying habits or the types of consumers who want RUPES products?
“The market has definitely evolved since the early days with the product line. In the beginning there was a feeding frenzy so to speak with the established detailers, but the general public wasn’t as aware of the advantages. So with years of marketing, education, and popularity with the brand, we have found that many more DIY types are stepping up to the RUPES machines without hesitation.”

Last question – what is the one tip you’d give your fellow authorized RUPES distributors to improve their success with the line?
“Educate yourselves and your customers! Everybody in your sales chain needs to be very well versed in paint correction with RUPES systems. That experience and confidence will help you educate and sell to your customer base.”

For more information on the RUPES line of products we carry please visit the RUPES section of our product store! We are proud to offer exclusive money-saving polishing kits that provide massive value to the detailing professional or enthusiast.


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