The SEMA Show‘ – For an auto enthusiast these words mark one of the premier events of the year, especially for those who view a stock vehicle on a dealer lot as a mere canvas for a greater masterpiece. The annual gathering & exhibition of the finest that Specialty Equipment Market Association members have to offer is a 4-day celebration of all things automotive, wrapped up inside of an industry trade show. Yes, there are vendors displaying their wares, product demonstrations, banquets, education opportunities and other typical trade show hullabaloo but more than that there is tire smoke, barking exhausts and the glittering paint of vehicles that have both Show AND Go. So aside from being enthusiasts, what were we doing there? ‘Glittering paint’ is why we were there, looking for the newest and most efficient methods of creating, maintaining and protecting that paint on your vehicle.

While we maintain strong relationships with our vendors throughout the year, SEMA gives us a great opportunity to meet in person and discuss current trends, look a bit forward and generally solidify our relationships with the leaders in the detailing arena. As Rupes had just released some products on the first day of the show, we were able to watch in real-time as the announcements hit Social Media…and the orders began to roll in! Perhaps their biggest announcement was the release of the new cordless, rechargeable Bigfoot HLR75 Mini iBrid Polisher and Bigfoot HLR75 Mini iBrid Polisher Kit. Is it possible that Rupes has more cordless magic up their sleeves in the future…only time will tell. Additionally, Rupes added to their Uno line of abrasives with Rupes Uno ADVANCED, which features the latest in micro-abrasive technology blended with advanced nano-protection. Given the number of orders we’ve received for these products since they went live, we think Rupes has hit these ones outta the park!



Stepping down the aisles we eagerly enter the Gyeon display, always a favorite due to our long-standing and close relationship with them! Spending time with Jeff & Nate from Gyeon USA and global Brand Ambassador Yves Heylen is always a great way to have some fun and find out what’s on the horizon in the World of Gyeon! We’re especially looking forward to the new Gyeon Glass+, a hydrophobic glass cleaner that promises both performance and ease of use!



The ‘impact’ of Paint Protection and Window Film seems to be on the rise as many manufacturers were on site displaying a variety of film technologies. A plethora of colored and/or patterned film that provides ample protection in addition to good looks would seem to indicate that this area of vehicle preservation is evolving at a very rapid pace.



Also present at the show was one of our favorites, a friend who visited our Open House in 2019. If automotive art is your thing, Lyn Hiner has you covered!



Suffice it to say there was plenty going on at SEMA this year…including an extraordinary amount of walking! The above are a few of our highlights and lest we leave you without some gratuitous car pictures, here’s 2 favorites!


AMG Powered SL300 Gullwing Restomod



1971 Nissan Skyline GT-X “Hakosuka” KGC10

We find SEMA to be an excellent avenue to accelerate the aesthetic & protective services for both our service clients as well as our car care customers, offering the best of the many evolving technologies on display in Las Vegas this year. Fortunately, what happens in Vegas doesn’t always need to stay in Vegas when it comes to automotive care pursuits!

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