Two extremely popular services we perform at ESOTERIC are Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Coating installation. PPF is the best way to protect your vehicle from road hazards such as rock chips, and ceramic coatings make washing and maintenance a breeze!

Should paint correction (paint polishing) be done before paint protection film or ceramic coating installation?

Technically, no, paint correction is not needed to prepare the surface of the vehicle for PPF or ceramic coatings. However! Most of our customers opt to have at least a Single-Stage Paint Correction service performed. Our Single-Stage service removes swirling and marring, as well as pops the color and any flake the paint has. Even brand new vehicles can benefit from paint correction and the perfect time to have it done is when you take delivery of a new car.

Is it worth having paint polishing completed prior to having PPF or coatings installed?

YES! The benefits of paint correction are worth the cost. Removing swirls, marring, and other defects even on new vehicles makes the paint clearer, deeper, and glossy. The good look of your paint is derived from the condition of the paint. Film and coatings are the cherry on top. Our single-stage process takes 6-8 man-hours to complete and is non-invasive to the clear coat.

This C8 Corvette received the following services:

  • Single-stage paint correction
  • Spot compounding of deeper defects
  • Full front-end paint protection film wrap
  • Impact area paint protection film wrap (rockers, sills, rear bumper)
  • Ceramic coatings on all surfaces including wrapped panels


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