ESOTERIC’s Paint Protection Film Services are among the very best in the world! This short video provides a sneak peek into our installation, and the type of cars we regularly work with.

Paint Protection Film in Columbus, Ohio Video

Paint Protection Film and Clear Bra Installation Servicing Ohio and Beyond

We regularly have cars shipped from all over North America to our detailing studio in New Albany, Ohio just outside of Columbus. Our central location makes transporting your vehicle from the East or West Coast easy. At any given time we have several vehicles in our studio that are from outside the Central Ohio area.

How Long Does Wrapping a Vehicle with Paint Protection Film Take?

Due to the custom nature of our clear bra installation process, the time it takes us varies depending on the vehicle and coverage requested. As a general guide our timeline is as follows:

  • Full front-end wrap: 2 days
  • Full vehicle wrap: 1-2 weeks

Which Services Can Be Added to a Wrap?

There is a myriad of additional services that our customers opt for when their vehicle is in our studio. Two popular options are paint correction and coatings. Paint correction will enhance the look of the paint while removing swirls and other defects, even on brand new vehicles. Coatings can be applied over the film to act as a sacrificial layer and make washing easier. Remember, while film is the best way to protect your vehicle, it should be treated and cared for just like paint!

Further Information

For questions about paint protection film or to schedule your vehicle, please visit our contact page or call 614-855-6855.

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