Assembling an All-Star team of car care products is certainly a daunting task but fortunately we have Todd Cooperider bringing us his favorite detailing products to use in 2022. Some are rising stars while others have been excelling in their respective roles for many years now. Working smarter, not harder, we are pleased to bring you Todd’s Favorite Products of 2022. So pull on a pair of Get-A-Grip Gloves, and let’s get to work!

Deemed “The Most Important Tool For the Car Washing Process”, a CR Spotless De-Ionizing Water Filtration System allows you to wash your car without fear of residual water spots, even in full sun. Another integral part of the wash process that has been a favorite over the years is the soft, gentle Esoteric Elite Car Wash Sponge, floating in a bucket or two with Gyeon Bathe Shampoo and water during a 2-bucket wash. Cut in half, the Sponge works extremely well on wheels in conjunction with another of Todd’s favorites, Gyeon Wheel Cleaner with Iron.

With the wash done,Todd fires up the Bigboi Mini+ Air Dryer to blow any residual water from both large panels as well as small, tough to reach areas. Since he’s previously coated his paint with Gyeon Cancoat EVO he’ll stand and admire the water beads for a bit before blasting them off of the surface with the Bigboi. Before applying the CanCoat to his finicky paint he’ll likely have used a Buff & Shine Uro-Cell Red Finishing Pad to perfect any soft and easily marred paint. Another long-term favorite appears in the form of POLISHANGEL Cosmic Spritz, applied quickly and easily after the wash and adding that last bit of luster to the finish. A quick pass through the interior with Gyeon Interior Detailer and all surfaces are clean and refreshed, be they vinyl, leather, plastic, piano black or touch-screens. With the wash complete, he might just go back and squirt some more Cosmic Spritz at the paint; he just can’t help himself!


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