Patience and anticipation are indeed strange bedfellows; the patience required to reach a given destination or event is often eroded by the anticipation of the arrival. “Patience is a virtue”, “Good things come to those who wait!” and similar are but trite cliches for polite conversation; the reality is that no matter how outwardly calm in demeanor, even the staunchest laissez-faire appearance belies the inner longing that breeds anticipation. Burning, trembling, sleep-depriving anticipation…an emotion beyond all practical sensibilities when speaking of it in reference to an inanimate object such as a car.  Yet we endure these ailments for such an object because we are, after all, enthusiasts to the core, believers that cars do indeed have a soul. And for a recent client who somehow filled the 573 days (and nights!) between first contacting ESOTERIC and *finally* taking delivery of the finished vehicle at his home, we salute you! Given the result, we certainly think it was worth the wait (easy for us to say, eh?)

Having purchased a variety of items from Esoteric Products to maintain a previously-owned Ferrari Portofino, the client was no stranger to the fundamentals of vehicle protection. In the case of his newly ordered 812 GTS, it was his desire to immerse himself in the process, visiting our studio on more than one occasion to be present for such milestones as delivery to our studio as well as the project completion prior to being transported to his home. Involvement on this level is an enjoyable way to solidify the relationship between ESOTERIC and a client, providing an entertaining and informative chapter in a treasured vehicle’s life. We sincerely appreciate each opportunity to welcome another client to the ESOTERIC family!

At long last, the 2022 Ferrari 812 GTS arrives at our studio, strikingly iridescent in its Rosso Portofino paint! With this optioned 3/4 Layer Extracampionario metallic paint shimmering in the summer sunlight, and mind-numbing 789hp, V12 engine that can spin up to nearly 9000rpm, it’s the Beauty and the Beast all rolled into one.

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 01

The next day (and for those of you keeping track, that’d be 1 year, 4 months and 28 days since first contacting ESOTERIC), the owner arrives from out of town to discuss the project with Dan, Todd & Zack. Having had *ample* time between ordering and delivery, the client “confessed” he spent many late nights self-learning from the vast library of past projects, product reviews and demonstration videos on ESOTERIC’s YouTube channel in preparation for being able to sit down, relax, discuss the game-plan and what was to come next!  So what does one come up with when there is so very much time to think about it and for many, the car seems more than perfect as is? Well, the folks in Maranello do a pretty good job…but a little personalization never hurt anything!


Protective Services


Transport & Delivery

The ESOTERIC Premier – Multi-stage paint correction

Even ‘newborns’ need that first comprehensive bath and chemical & mechanical decontamination; the GTS finds itself in good company on this morning as red seems to be the color of the day!

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 12

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 14

It’s called ‘Detailing’ for a reason…details matter!

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 16

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 15

All vehicles, new and old, will benefit from paint correction; the 812 GTS was no exception.

While in general the color of the Rosso Portofino paint is on point, the clarity is degraded by swirls and other defects:

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 26

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 28

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 03

Bring on the talent and that ‘rosso’ will soon be a poppin’…

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 29

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 30

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 31


Some hazy ‘before‘:

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 32


…and some crisp, clear ‘after‘!

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 33

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 36


Full wrap of Paint Protection Film

With paint defects & haziness having exited stage left, the Film Stars take center stage to apply the STEK Dynoshield Paint Protection Film! I’ll grant you that ‘Film Stars’ seems a bit contrived, maybe even straddling the boundary of kitschy, but if you’ve ever seen these guys work first-hand, it’s definitely apropos!

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 37

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 38

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 39

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 40

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 41

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 44

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 43

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 46

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 47

Trimming to the Nth degree; it doesn’t fit until it FITS!


As the project progressed through the PPF stage, we are constantly sending updates and pictures of the process to the client. The below picture provided an opportunity to illustrate the care and consideration that should be given to vehicles of this caliber. The client had inquired as to if the license plate bracket could be removed to ensure complete PPF coverage, a question that Dan answered with an eye towards the preservation of the integrity of the vehicle as produced by Ferrari.

Plate Bracket 1

“Regarding the license plate bracket, these require drilling out the rivets to remove. We do not normally remove factory rivets on Ferraris for long-term preservation and originality. The pattern was modified to go around the bracket and is hidden by the license plate. It will look correct!”

– Dan Roth, Principal, ESOTERIC Detail

While the final determination is at the discretion of the client, experience with many vehicles of this nature allows ESOTERIC to provide expert commentary on options available and their potential consequences. Just because one *can* do something in the short term doesn’t mean one *should* do something!


Windshield Protective Film

Given the cost and complexity of windshield replacement, protecting it is of the utmost importance for a car that will be driven and enjoyed. With that in mind, Windshield Protective Film was installed on this vulnerable area.

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 48


Window Tint – 35% sides and rear, 50% on windshield

Window tint is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, lending a bit of a stealthy look while helping to preserve interior surfaces by limiting UV & infrared transmittal. A significant reduction in interior temperatures is a great benefit when the weather warms up! With  50%  VLT ( Visible Light Transmission ) tint on the windshield, ample protection without sacrificing visibility in day or night situations is possible. 35% VLT on the side and back glass compliment the look with a slightly darker shading while remaining within the legal limits for the owner’s location.

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 49

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 51

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 52

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 55


Good fortune smiled upon us after the tint was complete, providing a wonderfully sunny day to enjoy the progress made so far!

Post Tint 1

Post Tint 3

Post Tint 2


Ceramic Coating

With the PPF, Windshield Protection and Window Tint finished and the QA processes completed in those areas, it’s time for the 812 GTS to move back to the studio for the installation of the multi-year ceramic coating on all exterior painted surfaces, plastics and emblems. Kamikaze Collection’s ISM Coat 3.0 was selected for its excellent performance and longevity in retaining the like-new look of these surfaces. The painted & PPF’d surfaces are enhanced with a 2-layer application of POLISHANGEL Cosmic Spritz, illuminating the hues of the Rosso Portofino paint with an exquisitely rich and savory gloss! While the STEK Dynoshield Paint Protection Film provides rock-chip protection and self-healing capabilities, the Kamikaze ISM 3.0 ceramic coating & ceramic-infused Cosmic Spritz will lend the finish long term good looks & ease of cleaning as well as an added measure of protection from any chemical and environmental onslaughts. Backroads, surface streets or highways…ample protection provides the peace of mind that’s necessary to truly enjoy the capabilities of the 812 GTS!

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 59

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 60


Into every life a little rain must fall…and it’s a great chance to run outside and check out some hydrophobic entertainment!

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 64

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 65


Windshield Coating

The water-shedding capabilities of the film-protected windshield are enhanced with the application of Gyeon View, a ceramic coating designed for glass. Repelling both dirt and water, the self-cleaning effects of  ceramic coating improves visibility and safety while driving in inclement weather.

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 61

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 62


Leather Coating

Protecting the interior from spills and staining from various elements (i.e. blue jean transfer) is accomplished by coating the leather surfaces with Gyeon Leather Shield; fabric surfaces are protected with POLISHANGEL’s Fabric Coat Spritz. While we don’t recommend transporting greasy pizza boxes on your heated leather seats it’s reassuring to know that you have some protection from life’s unexpected unpleasantries.

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 56

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 57

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 58


Novitec 812 Lowering Springs

To add a little more attitude to the equation, prior to the Protective Services commencing, the 812 was first lowered a touch with a set of Novitec 812 Lowering Springs, ordered and installed at ESOTERIC by our in-house mechanics. Designed to lower the 812 GTS while retaining all factory functionality (including the factory lift-system) the final result was just what the doctor ordered. After having it transported to our local Ferrari dealer for a post-install alignment, the functionality of the suspension lift, Magneto/bumpy-road setting and tire pressure sensors was verified. As part of this service by the authorized dealer, all parts & installation were registered and approved against the 812’s VIN, assuring no problems down the road w/ regards to factory Ferrari warranty.

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 07

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 09

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 10


Custom Anrky Wheels

Wheels can often re-define the character of a vehicle, accessorizing it in a manner reminiscent of draping a mid-century movie starlet in diamonds. In this case, the sparkling splendor comes in the form of a custom set of Anrky wheels.

The customer desired that ESOTERIC pre-order a set of Anrky S1-X1 21/10.5 Fronts and S1-X1 22/12.5 Rear Wheels in “Brushed Clear” finish, custom-made by Anrky for the 812 GTS fitment, as well as Michelin Pilot Sport 4S 285/30/ZR21 Front and 335/25/ZR22 Rear tires.

Before mounting the wheels they were cleaned, decontaminated and coated with a heat-resistant, ceramic wheel coating, in this case multiple layers of Kamikaze Stance. As always, applied to faces, barrels and brake calipers as well!

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 22

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 23

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 25

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 21

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 77

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 11

A look at the OEM (on the right) wheel in comparison to the Anrky (on the vehicle)


Scrape Armor Protection

While this 812 GTS came with the optioned Suspension Lifter, the car sits quite low, at 50” overall, now further lowered on the Novitec Lowering Springs. To protect the front splitter from scraping over speed bumps and steep or sloping driveways, ESOTERIC sought, sourced and installed Scrape Armor’s custom 3D scanned and machined skid plate for a precise 812 fitting. Bolting directly to the OEM undercarriage using existing hardware there is no need to drill for additional rivets or fasteners.

Witness the completed project!

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 68

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 72

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 82

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 80

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 76

Ferrari 812 GTS PPF Wrap 87



The 812 GTS was loaded into a covered and secured transport for its journey to its new owner. ESOTERIC’s contracted delivery carriers have years of experience with pre and post-service delivery of our client’s vehicles nationwide, so as to provide a seamless and worry-free experience.

Ferrari 812 GTS Loading

The GTS, now with the client, is well protected and ready to provide mile upon mile of vehicular bliss!

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