Exiting the transport with a twin-turbocharged, 710hp V8 growl, this brand-new 2022 Ferrari F8 Spider arrived at our New Albany headquarters from out of state, ready to avail itself of our extensive menu of protective services. With Paint Correction, Paint Protection Film, Window Tinting and Ceramic Coating services on tap, the F8 Spider will return to its owner ready to be both admired and driven…as is befitting a special vehicle such as this! While we’ve seen many Ferrari’s arrive at our studio over the years, we still anxiously anticipate the sights and sounds of yet another masterpiece from Maranello firing its engine and rolling out of the transport, especially one with an engine born of the razor-sharp Ferrari Pista!

Ferrari F8 PPF Wrap 01

Ferrari F8 PPF Wrap 02


Finished in a non-standard exterior paint color (‘Extracampionario’ as Ferrari refers to this exclusive customization option), the Spider was washed, prepped and then closely examined before embarking upon Paint Correction services. Even when factory-fresh, the paint will benefit from this service, ensuring factory defects are remedied and bringing out the extra color and clarity that the striking custom finish so richly deserves. A complete hand-wash and full chemical and mechanical decontamination cleanses the paint and removes deposits that may have settled on the finish during assembly & transport, providing a pristine surface prior to the pre-correction inspections.

Ferrari F8 PPF Wrap 04

Ferrari F8 PPF Wrap 03

All vehicles that arrive at our studio are pampered during the wash with the softest wash media we know of, the ESOTERIC Wash Sponge.


Once the inspections are done a preliminary course of action is developed to safely extract the optimal results through a labor intensive Paint Correction Process. On a new Ferrari Spider w/ ‘Extracampionario’ paint, is that even necessary? Absolutely, as Todd Cooperider (Founder of ESOTERIC) expands upon in his informative video: “What is paint correction?“.

Once the appropriate test sections are completed, work begins on perfecting the finish.

Ferrari F8 PPF Wrap 09

Ferrari F8 PPF Wrap 05

Ferrari F8 PPF Wrap 07


With the vehicle paint and exterior carbon fibre refined via an effective & non-invasive Paint Correction process, the F8 moves to the PPF team for the installation of the 8-mil, self-healing Paint Protection Film. With customized templates, strategic disassembly and uniquely tailored use of bulk film on larger panels, we are able to produce a finished product devoid of seams and exposed edges wherever possible. Focusing on maintaining the long-term adhesion of the film in flexing areas as well as preserving the OEM fit and finish, the film is installed with no distortions due to overstretching or over-heating, skills that only come from extensive experience with Paint Protection Film on the seductively curvaceous lines of vehicles like the F8 Spider!

The protection and peace of mind afforded by Paint Protection Film can be quite reassuring as you enjoy driving your car with less worry about road debris damage. The self-healing aspects can also help reduce any slight marring that may happen as the miles accumulate. For more information, check out our recent video What is Paint Protection Film? as Todd explains the benefits and options.

Ferrari F8 PPF Wrap 15 1

Ferrari F8 PPF Wrap 20

Ferrari F8 PPF Wrap 24

Ferrari F8 PPF Wrap 18

Ferrari F8 PPF Wrap 22 1


Providing powerful UV protection for both you & your interior surfaces as well as decreased cabin temperatures, tinting the windows has many benefits besides just stealthy good looks. In this case, 70% tint was selected for the windshield with 35% installed on the side and back windows. The percentage noted in tint specifications refers to the % of visible light transmission that will penetrate the windows; lighter tint such as the 70% on the windshield provides UV benefits without reducing visibility significantly while the darker 35% tint on the side and back windows elicits an enhanced darkening effect.

Ferrari F8 PPF Wrap 10

Tint is first fitted to the outside of the glass to size/shrink to exact fit and then installed on the inside of the glass once all is perfect with regards to sizing.


The application of a multi-year ceramic coating provides long-lasting protection while significantly reducing maintenance time. Not only will the coating provide added gloss and shine, it will also deepen and richen the underlying paint shade for a greater visual impact. Additionally, the ‘self-cleaning’ properties of the coating will allow for reduced maintenance, leaving more time for driving and admiring this beauty. 2 layers of high-temperature, wheel-specific coatings are also applied to the faces and inner surfaces of the wheels making their ongoing maintenance as painless as can be during the wash process. For a deeper dive into Ceramic Coatings, watch as Todd describes in more detail What is Ceramic Coating?

Ferrari F8 PPF Wrap 52

Ferrari F8 PPF Wrap 49

Ferrari F8 PPF Wrap 54

Ferrari F8 PPF Wrap 53

Ferrari F8 PPF Wrap 51


With all services complete, the F8 will head back to its owner ready to be enjoyed! With aftercare instructions for the Paint Protection Film, Ceramic CoatingWindow Tint just a click away, the rolling body contours of this striking red beauty will always be looking as delicious as the Ferrari Styling Centre intended when they first put pencil to paper on the F8 Spider.

Ferrari F8 PPF Wrap 37

Ferrari F8 PPF Wrap 24 1

Ferrari F8 PPF Wrap 27

Ferrari F8 PPF Wrap 40

Ferrari F8 PPF Wrap 44

Ferrari F8 PPF Wrap 47

Ferrari F8 PPF Wrap 28

Ferrari F8 PPF Wrap 56

Ferrari F8 PPF Wrap 57

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