Initially focused on supplying batteries and electric powertrains to other EV (Electric Vehicle) manufacturers, Lucid Motors morphed into a vehicle manufacturer with the intention of developing and building high performance luxury EV’s. Delivering their first customer cars in October of 2021, Lucid has continued to expand their vehicle offerings, competing with the likes of the Tesla Model S, Porsche’s Taycan and the Mercedes EQS. With the former Chief Engineer for the Tesla Model S currently helming the company, Lucid Motors is offering models with up to 1050hp and 500+ miles of range and indicates their vehicles are the fastest charging in the world, supporting 300 kW peak charging speeds that allows for adding 300 miles of range in just 20 minutes.

We here at ESOTERIC were fortunate to receive a beautiful 2022 Lucid Air Grand Touring in Quantum Gray for a variety of protective services. This particular model rolls with 800+ hp, a 516 mile range and can rip from 0-60mph in just 3.0 seconds, all while ensconcing its occupants in the lap of technological luxury!

We’ll be ‘lighting up the board’ on this Project, enhancing this rolling automotive wizardry with many of our most popular services:

The ESOTERIC Ultimate New Car Prep Package, including:

  • Paint Correction to remove any defects & bring out the true gloss and brilliance of the new factory paint
  • 3-Year Ceramic Coating with Kamikaze Collection’s ISM 3.0 on paint and trim
  • Ceramic Coating with Kamikaze Collection’s Stance Rim Coating on wheel faces, barrels and brake calipers
  • Fabric Coating interior textiles
  • Windshield Ceramic Coating with Gyeon View glass coating
  • Front wheel wells coated with Kamikaze Collection ISM 3.0, rear wheel wells (fabric) with Fabric Coating

In addition, the client selected a Full PPF Installation with XPEL Ultimate Plus including a custom combination of gloss film on the body and satin film on gray top panels. Window Tint on all glass was added to the package as well.

After a careful hand wash and inspection, our detailers embarked upon a meticulous paint correction process to prepare the finish for the installation of the self-healing, 8-mil XPEL Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film. When large panels are covered by a single piece of film for a seamless install, it becomes a team effort!

IMG 8585


Once on the panel, the painstaking finishing process begins, ensuring the film conforms to the varying contours of the panel.

IMG 9023

IMG 9776


Elsewhere in the studio, the wheels have been removed & cleaned and are having their multi-year ceramic coating applied to the faces and the barrels. The ability of a great ceramic coating allows for wheels that remain cleaner for longer and are easier to clean when the time comes, considerations that are of paramount importance given the distinctively appealing look great wheels lend a vehicle!

IMG 8742

IMG 8786


Once the Paint Protection Film has been fitted to the vehicle, the multi-year ceramic coating is applied, giving the vehicle long term good looks, ease of cleaning and enhanced chemical and environmental protection! Handmade in small batches in Japan, Kamikaze Collection’s ISM Coat 3.0 provides mile after mile of effortless protection & aesthetic enjoyment!

IMG 2425

IMG 2385


Lending a complimentary look to the sleek lines of the Lucid, the XPEL Window Tint provides UV protection for both the occupants and interior surfaces. Blocking the vast majority of the sun’s heat-causing infrared radiation, staying cool in both form and function has never been so stylish!

IMG 7776

IMG 7785

IMG 7812


With all services completed, this Lucid Air Grand Touring Edition melds the possibilities of the future with the technology of the present, providing an anticipatory glimpse into the future of personal transportation!

IMG 2980

IMG 2920

IMG 2953

IMG 2858

IMG 2880

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