If you’re familiar with the Porsche Car Configurator you’re probably well aware of the myriad of options available when building your Porsche vehicle. If you’re not familiar with it, we dare you to give it a try and *not* fall down the rabbit hole of available choices for everything from a Traffic Sign Recognition System to the 3D-Printed Bodyform Full Bucket Driver’s Seats (available in soft, medium or hard configurations). While many of the available options can be further configured a bit (what color deviated stitching will go best with your 2-tone Exclusive Manufaktur Leather Interior, for instance) where the customization really shines (literally) is the ability to choose the Paint-To-Sample (PTS) and Paint-To-Sample Plus option(s). Enabling you to pick just the right exterior paint color to satisfy your aesthetic cravings it becomes the ultimate appearance option, diametrically opposed to Henry Ford’s “Any customer can have a car painted any colour he wants so long as it is black” comment when speaking of his Model-T’s palette (allegedly). Fortunately, we’ve come a long way since that somewhat monochromatic era!

We were quite overwhelmed (and overjoyed) when a client approached us to help determine the PTS color to choose for his new Porsche GT3 Touring build and they were also willing to involve our Instagram followers. Towards this end, in November of 2021 the question was put forward in an Instagram poll on our feed, the result of which indicated that Iris Blue would be the choice, narrowly edging out Viola Metallic in the final run-off! Sometimes it does indeed “Take a village…”


Nearly a year after the color was decided on by a vote of the people the vehicle arrived at our New Albany studio for Paint Protection Film, Ceramic Coatings and Window Tint. After a thorough inspection, the initial decontamination and wash began!

While he may look a little frosty, Brandon had the luminous radiance of the Iris Blue paint to help warm him on this chilly late-Autumn day!

Only the best for this Iris Blue paint: The Esoteric Sponge


With all of the prep complete, the Paint Protection Film installation begins. Why paint protection film at ESOTERIC? Check out this video: Protecting my dream car of 50 Years!


With the PPF complete & the ceramic coatings applied to the wheels & calipers, the GT3 moves into the tint studio where it receives its stealthy look. Not just an appearance item, window tint provides UV protection for the occupants and interior surfaces while also rejecting the heat of a hot, Summer sun…look cool, stay cool!


Somewhat of wolf in sheep’s clothing, the Porsche GT3 Touring is a 502 hp, naturally-aspirated, flat-6 screamer with all of the underpinnings of the more conspicuous GT3 model. Now fully protected, this Iris Blue Paint-To-Sample 2023 Porsche GT3 Touring becomes an instant classic.

With a winding road and 9000rpm of Teutonic combustion joyously ripping at your eardrums, the world is yours…right up until your Porsche Design Chronograph 911 GT3 w Touring Package Exclusive Vehicle Watch reminds you that reality awaits somewhere far less engaging. Until next time, that is.


For a quick look at the build of a Paint-To-Sample Gold Bronze Metallic 911 GT3, check out the following video!


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