Shine, shimmer, luster, sparkle, gleam…in our world as detailers, those words are merely different combinations of letters that are all to used describe the Holy Grail of exterior appearance, that being GLOSS. A warehouse full of products designed to enhance it, *really* expensive instruments created to measure it, hours and hour spent chasing it, perfecting it…agonizing over it! Well, as it turns out, you have a choice…and choice is always good!

With that in mind, enter the 2022 Rivian R1T, luminous in its factory shade of Compass Yellow; glossy yellow…bright, vivid, fresh-off-of-the-factory-floor yellow. And while that’s quite nice as delivered (and somewhat typical), there *is* an alternative to all of that shine…an alternative that will not only provide ample rock-chip protection but one which will also transform the character of the vehicle.

Rivian R1T PPF Wrap 00


Different ends of the spectrum, a taste for all palates, variety is the spice of life…there are many ways to describe true individuality and in the case of this bright yellow Rivian, we think the owner has hit the bullseye by eschewing the the typical pursuit of gloss, preferring instead to change the finish to satin/matte through a full-body application of XPEL Stealth Satin Paint Protection Film. Follow along as we turn a blind eye to mere reflectivity and pursue the subtle, muted elegance of a satin finish!

Upon arrival, a deep cleansing and decontamination of the painted surfaces ensures a long-lasting bond between paint and film.

Rivian R1T PPF Wrap 01


Once the entire vehicle is prepped, the PPF installation process begins…no such thing as “too many cooks in the kitchen” when fitting the larger pieces!

Rivian R1T PPF Wrap 02


The difference between the original paint and the satin PPF becomes apparent as the job progresses.

Rivian R1T PPF Wrap 08

Rivian R1T PPF Wrap 07

Rivian R1T PPF Wrap 06


Although the Rivian appears to be a collection of relatively flat panels, there’s plenty of areas that require the experienced hand of an expert installer!

Rivian R1T PPF Wrap 09

Rivian R1T PPF Wrap 12

Rivian R1T PPF Wrap 04


Transformed into a subtle yet still stunning representation of what may indeed be the future of Electric Adventure Vehicles, the satin finish is complimented by the installation of heat-rejecting ceramic window tint. Matching the factory tint on the back doors with 35% on the front doors and applying 75% to the front windshield, it provides a cohesive visual character to the contrasting yellow exterior color. In addition to providing ample UV protection for the interior surfaces, the tint will excel in keeping cockpit temperatures down on a blistering sunny day. While tinting the windshield may give some pause due to visibility concerns, the 75% level allows for excellent visibility at all times….day or night!

Rivian R1T PPF Wrap 20


Once complete, the stealthy character of the satin film lends the R1T a strong presence, far beyond that of merely a ‘shiny yellow truck’. Amplifying the optical impact by toning down the gloss proves that sometimes you don’t need to shout to stand out in a crowd.

Rivian R1T PPF Wrap 16

Rivian R1T PPF Wrap 14

Rivian R1T PPF Wrap 19

Rivian R1T PPF Wrap 15


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If you already have satin/matte factory paint, Satin PPF can provide excellent protection for that as well!
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