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150 Hour Detail – Can We Save This Ferrari?

150 Hour Detail – Can We Save This Ferrari?

If you are following our Ferrari series with Ed Bolian of VINwiki, you knew it was not going to be a small task to get the car back into shape! From beat-up paint to abused carbon fiber, every panel has issues that needed to be addressed. We produced a recap video of...

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Ferrari Scuderia Event and Finished Photo Galleries

Ferrari Scuderia Event and Finished Photo Galleries

The Ferrari Scuderia project is complete! The multi-month reconditioning wrapped up with an event at our detailing studio in New Albany, Ohio. Ed Bolian of VINwiki was in attendance to see the results in-person! After the initial walk-around was complete hundreds of...

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Detailing Studio 2020 Update | New Flooring

2020 is officially here! With the New Year brings a new upgrade to the ESOTERIC Detailing Studio – new flooring! The previous white flooring in our shop had served us well for many years. However, the daily abuse of detailing life had taken its toll and it looked a...

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How to Protect Your Vehicle During Service

Handing over your keys during a service visit to your dealer or local mechanic can be unsettling when you care about your vehicles' paint! In our latest video, Todd Cooperider shares his experience with having a vehicle damaged and offers tips on how you can avoid it!...

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Best Detailing Products of 2019

It is hard to believe 2019 is coming to an end but 2020 is upon us! As we look back at the past year there were many detailing products that we used, but some we really enjoyed using. From old standbys to new introductions to the US market, Todd Cooperider goes over...

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