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Porsche Carrera GT Paint Correction & Paint Protection Film

ESOTERIC has cared for a number of Porsche Carrera GTs in the past, and recently had to opportunity to work on this Fayence Yellow example. (1 of 44 made in this color.) But what needed to be done to this "last analog super car?" While the paint was in generally good...

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Which Bigboi Vehicle Dryer is Best For You

ESOTERIC is proud to be the exclusive distributor of the finest and highest performing automotive dryers on the market, Bigboi Dryers! If you are a garage warrior or professional detailer and are wondering which model is best for you, our new video will help make that...

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Paint Protection Film on Windshields?

Your vehicle body can be wrapped with paint protection film, but what about your windshield? In our latest video, we discuss why we DON'T suggest PPF for windshields. For more information, visit our PPF and Window Tint pages!

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New Home Detailing Video Series

ESOTERIC is excited to share our new video series! ESOTERIC at HOME will cover a wide range of detailing topics that show you how to detail like a pro, at home! We have been bringing you hundreds of detailing videos over the past years out of the comfort of our...

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Black Ferrari F430 Polished & Detailed

Without proper care, black paint and neglected leather can make any car look tired. This Ferrari 430 required a proper detail to get back into shape, and in this video, we perform paint correction, ceramic coatings, and a deep leather cleaning and conditioning...

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Mercedes-Benz E63 S Protected & Customized

600 horsepower never looked this good! The E63 S sedan can bring the entire family to 60mph in 3 seconds, without the unwanted attention some sports cars would bring. But, how do you perfect the ultimate sedan? With a few modifications that perfect the appearance and...

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What is Paint Protection Film? Our PPF Packages at ESOTERIC

Paint protection film (also known as PPF or clear bra) is the best way to preserve your vehicle from rock chips, bird droppings, sap, and other environmental hazards. Measuring at 8mils thick, it is a clear film that is applied to panels of vehicles in a variety of...

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Protecting Your Vehicle From Expensive Paint Repair

Protecting Your Vehicle From Expensive Paint Repair

It is no secret that repainting any vehicle can be expensive. From a Honda Civic to an exotic sports car, the cost of paint repair can far exceed properly protecting your vehicle from the get-go. In this video we explain the benefits of paint protection film and the...

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First Look at Our New Project Car

Since the first roadster was released in 2011, Tesla vehicles have been a fixture in our detailing studio. The passion of the Tesla community has blown us away and people that were never into cars previously have newfound energy surrounding all things Tesla. As more...

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The Best UV Protection For Your Vehicle’s Interior

"How should I protect my interior from the sun?" is a regular question we get asked here at ESOTERIC. Newer interior detailing products are much safer and effective than in the past, and most contain some sort of UV protection. However, if you are really looking to...

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New C8 Corvette Detailing Section

The 2020 C8 Corvette brings mid-engine exotic flair to the masses and it starts at under $60k! While we aren't forgetting the mid-engine Fiero that ended production in 1988, some may wish to forget that one! Sporting all-new bodywork and interior, the C8 has seriously...

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COVID-19 Update

To: ESOTERIC Customers and Business Partners Re: COVID-19 Update, March 23, 2020 We remain open for business per the state directive. In this quickly changing environment, we are currently faced with we wanted to keep in contact with our customers and partners to...

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