Often referred to as ‘Godzilla’ in homage to the 1989 R32 Skyline GT-R, the Nissan GT-R continues to evolve, with the GT-R Nismo (Nissan Motorsports) Special Edition arguably at the pinnacle of the model hierarchy. This brand new “1 of 10 in the United States” example recently arrived at our New Albany studio, ready for some extensive protection prior to being unleashed on the roads surrounding the owners’ lair. Finished in special ‘Stealth Gray’ exterior paint and with a hand-built, 600hp twin-turbo engine pulsing beneath the unique carbon-fiber hood, this iteration of the revered Japanese colossus is worthy of the preeminent protection available today!

After being carefully unwrapped following delivery from the dealer, the GT-R received a full inspection and Paint Correction Service, removing all possible defects from the factory finish. While many would assume a new car of this caliber would arrive with flawless paintwork, the production realities of even limited-edition models leaves room for improvement, not merely removing defects but also significantly enhancing the gloss and clarity of the paint.

IMG 3586


Careful polishing using the latest tools & materials leaves the paint ready for the full-body installation of self-healing XPEL Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film (PPF).

IMG 4275

IMG 4244


The exacting craftsmen of the ESOTERIC PPF Team utilize both experience and technology to ensure the most complete, long-lasting and non-invasive techniques are used when installing PPF. When complete, the XPEL Ultimate Plus film will be virtually invisible and provide significant protection from scuffs, scratches, chips and more. In the case of a car this unique, many of the body panels lack the accurate and exacting predefined templates available for other vehicles; careful trimming of bulk PPF pieces is required, trimming that does not take place on the paint surface itself and is done with a meticulous commitment to maintaining OEM fit & finish.

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Nissan GT R PPF Wrap 17

Nissan GT R PPF Wrap 27

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With the PPF complete, the vehicle is placed in the steady hands of the Window Tint Team, who custom fit the XPEL Prime HP Window Tint. Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective UV protectant, the tint provides not only significant protection for the occupants but for the interior surfaces as well, eliminating the need for greasy interior dressings and ‘protectants’. Additionally, the reduction of interior heat is a welcome benefit on a hot, sunny day and we may as well just say it…the tint on this car looks menacingly good regardless of its other benefits! While tinting the windshield may give some pause, the largest piece of glass is the most important! Light tint options such as 70% have no detrimental effect on visibility, even at night.

Also added to the exterior protection package is Windshield Protective Film. We have been evaluating this type of protection for quite some time and are pleased to now be able to offer a solution that performs to our standards. With modern windshields incorporating complex electronics such as Driving Assistance System cameras and sensors, replacing a windshield is no longer the same relatively inexpensive repair as in the past. Now you can protect your windshield from both major damage as well as most chipping and pitting. Much like PPF, minor scratches in the film can self-heal to a degree, maintaining the optical clarity of your original glass and with built-in UV protection & hydrophobic topcoat, optimum performance is assured in both sunny and rainy conditions.

Nissan GT R PPF Wrap 69

Nissan GT R PPF Wrap 70

Nissan GT R PPF Wrap 71

Nissan GT R PPF Wrap 72


With PPF & Tint complete, the Detail Team takes the lead, installing the final aesthetic and protective pièce de résistance, the multi-year ceramic coating! Providing long-term good looks combined with ease of maintenance, the ceramic coating allows for a “more for less” ownership experience; more gloss, more chemical resistance, more entertaining water behavior…and less time and effort on your part!

Nissan GT R PPF Wrap 34

Nissan GT R PPF Wrap 32


Additionally, the wheels are removed and both the wheels and brake calipers are ceramic coated with 2 layers of a heat resistant ceramic coating, making wheel cleaning an easier task even with aggressive brake pads.

IMG 5503

IMG 5479


Drive your car like it was intended AND keep it looking pristine…can you really have your cake and eat it too? With the protective services offered by ESOTERIC it’s not only possible, it’s merely a phone call or email away. We think this GT-R Nismo Special Edition is rolling proof of that; we’ll be watching closely…you can too at @thetriplefcollection

Nissan GT R PPF Wrap 67

Nissan GT R PPF Wrap 52

Nissan GT R PPF Wrap 61

Nissan GT R PPF Wrap 46

Nissan GT R PPF Wrap 44

Nissan GT R PPF Wrap 65

Nissan GT R PPF Wrap 39

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