ESOTERIC recently made our first visit to “The Collection” in 2019 where many new vehicles were waiting to be attended to. We have been working at this collection over the past several years and there are always new challenges to tackle.

GT40 Major Paint Correction

When visiting The Collection the first thing that is performed by the team is an assessment of all vehicles and their condition. It was quickly apparent that this GT40 would be the most challenging project of the trip so it was addressed first!

Paint Issues

Burned edges, tight areas, concave geometry, sanding marks, and swirls were all present which was going to make this more challenging than your average job. This vehicle is a perfect representation of why people contact us — we are able to diagnose and correct the most challenging situations. Let’s dive in!

esoteric gt40 2

Paint Correction Progress

Individual panels were corrected to completion before moving on as various techniques were required to finish each down correctly. Not every panel on the same vehicle behaves equally, even on factory produced vehicles! It takes years of experience and a unique skill set to safely handle projects such as this. Remember, we are doing all this while being minimally invasive to the integrity of the clear coat.

esoteric gt40 3

esoteric gt40 4

esoteric gt40 5

Ferrari F40-like was the difficulty level that this project was described as… very finicky paint with many delicate and difficult areas. We hoped you enjoyed this peek into The Collection!

esoteric gt40 6

esoteric gt40 7

To learn more about our paint correction offerings please visit our services page.

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