When a Porsche GT4 arrives at our studio, it usually goes without saying that the client is seeking the type of protection that will allow them to enjoy the incredible driving dynamics of the car while not being distracted by road debris damaging the paint. Whether clipping the next apex on your favorite weekend backroad or enjoying that decreasing radius entrance ramp on the way to work, Paint Protection Film (PPF) allows you to concentrate on the task at hand and let worries of paint chips fall by the wayside.

First order of business: Safely removing the old Paint Protection Film…Porsche GT4 PPF Wrap 12

Porsche GT4 PPF Wrap 10

Porsche GT4 PPF Wrap 11

* For additional information on PPF removal, check out Porsche Boxster Spyder PPF Replacement at ESOTERIC in our Video Library.

While the prior PPF application has protected the front of the car, the non-PPF’d areas fell victim to poor wash techniques, leaving much room for improvement.

Porsche GT4 PPF Wrap 08

Porsche GT4 PPF Wrap 07


Paint Correction begins to ensure the best possible surface condition is achieved before installing the new, self-healing Paint Protection Film.Porsche GT4 PPF Wrap 18

Porsche GT4 PPF Wrap 17

Porsche GT4 PPF Wrap 16


The new Paint Protection Film (PPF) is carefully installed to minimize edges & seams with an eye towards both immediate good looks and long term performance. Some of the advantages of PPF are:

  • Heat Activated Self-Healing Topcoat: Constructed from an elastomeric polyurethane, the film will self-heal light scratches & swirl marks with a light heat application to the film’s surface.
  • Non-Yellowing: Film will not yellow from UV exposure, ensuring protected areas are nearly invisible.
  • Discoloration & Stain Resistant: The PPF is stain resistant & will maintain clarity under the harshest conditions.
  • Prevents Wear & Tear: Stop rock chips, nicks & scratches in the paint, keeping your vehicle looking as good as the day it rolled off the lot.
  • Edge Seal Technology: Lifting & delamination are a thing of the past. Edge Seal Technology ensures film stays adhered & keeps surfaces protected from contaminants.

Porsche GT4 PPF Wrap 23

Porsche GT4 PPF Wrap 21

Porsche GT4 PPF Wrap 22

Porsche GT4 PPF Wrap 20

Porsche GT4 PPF Wrap 19


This GT4 received a set of custom-designed graphics to further set it apart from the crowd. The somewhat stealthy graphics add a distinctly unique look to the car without being overbearing…

Porsche GT4 PPF Wrap 24

Porsche GT4 PPF Wrap 26

Porsche GT4 PPF Wrap 27

Porsche GT4 PPF Wrap 28


The application of a Ceramic Coating will significantly decrease the maintenance needed to enjoy the richness of the black paint.

Porsche GT4 PPF Wrap 34

Porsche GT4 PPF Wrap 33


Applying ceramic coatings to the wheels & calipers ensures that wheel cleaning is a breeze after a day of enjoying all of the ‘braking enthusiasm’ this GT4 has to offer.

Porsche GT4 PPF Wrap 31

Porsche GT4 PPF Wrap 29


Uniquely adept at far more than merely enhancing the visual allure of your vehicle, we also have in-house mechanics on hand to optimize all of the aural sensations your engine has to offer. In this case an Akrapovic exhaust was installed after ceramic coating the tips, letting the flat-6 motor breathe as it should…exhaling each exhaust pulse with an authoritative growl!

Porsche GT4 Exhaust Installation

Porsche GT4 Window Tint 6

Porsche GT4 Window Tint 5


Turn up the sound and enjoy a flat-6 symphonic sensation, brought to you exclusively by ESOTERIC and Akrapovic exhaust!


Porsche GT4 PPF Wrap 01

Porsche GT4 PPF Wrap 50

Porsche GT4 PPF Wrap 54

Porsche GT4 PPF Wrap 35

Porsche GT4 PPF Wrap 37Porsche GT4 PPF Wrap 49

To see more images from this transformation, visit our Detailing Gallery: Porsche GT4

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