Fresh off the truck at Lash Chevrolet! This C8 Corvette is headed to our detail studio for complete protection, perfection, and customization services. 

ESOTERIC is the premier Corvette detailing specialist in central Ohio and nationwide. For over a decade, we have provided world-class paint protection film installations, paint correction services, and ceramic coating installations.

Todd Cooperider visited Lash to inspect the car and film this short video…


This C8 Corvette will receive the following detailing services at ESOTERIC:

Corvette Paint Correction

It is not uncommon for vehicles to come from the factory with paint defects. From swirls to sanding marks the best time to correct these is when you take delivery and before you coat or wrap the vehicle. ESOTERIC is an expert in Corvette paint and offers a range of paint correction services that will take this C8 from looking good to amazing. All of our polishing services are non-invasive and will not remove a significant amount of clear coat.

Corvette Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Paint protection film, sometimes referred to as “clear bra,” is the ultimate way to protect your vehicle. Not all installs are the same, however! We have developed and refined our installation methods over the years to deliver industry-leading quality that few can match. Our packages offer a variety of options from full front-end wrap to the entire vehicle. All film comes with a 10-year warranty against yellowing and cracking. 

Corvette Ceramic Coatings

Coating your vehicle is an excellent choice to protect it from harsh environmental elements. We can apply one to three layers depending on how long you would like the protection to last. In addition to the painted panels, don’t forget coatings for wheels and glass! The self-cleaning characteristics of coatings make washing your car and wheels much easier! Coatings come in many different formulas. We have been at the forefront of the coating industry and can help you make the best decision as to which coating package is best. Note: We recommend applying coatings on top of paint protection film to prevent etching and staining from bird droppings, sap, etc.

Corvette Window Tint

Much like our detailing services, our tint installation is the best in the industry. We use quality film that will not fade or turn purple over time. Another important aspect of tint is the UV protection and heat rejection it provides. We also offer full windshield tint that reduces glare day and night as well as protects your dashboard (and you) from UV damage. A light windshield tint (70%) is not significantly noticeable and legal in Ohio.

Custom Corvette Wheels

ESOTERIC is proud to offer the best aftermarket wheel lines in the industry from HRE, FlowForm, BBS, and Forgeline. If you are looking to shave seconds off your lap time or just look good rolling through the neighborhood, contact us to build a custom set of wheels that will compliment your vehicle and driving style.

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