Part 1 – An E30 M3 Discovered

Everybody likes barn-find stories, and in this one, we have a 14k mile BMW E30 M3 that was discovered by Enthusiast Auto Group in Cincinnati. In this, the first part of the series, we talk about the history of the car, and the plan to get it back to world-class condition!

Part 2 – A New Record For Clarity?

In episode 2 of the E30 M3 project, we start in with the paint correction process, and show our methodology for finding the best results possible relative to our goals. How much did we increase clarity on this paint? Be sure to watch through the entire video to see if we set a new record for clarity…

Part 3 – Tracking the E30 M3

Now that the M3 is looking great, it is time to have some fun at the track!

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