Here is a look at several of the projects we have had in the shop at ESOTERIC during April…

As always we have multiple paint protection film projects in the works including this Paint to Sample Porsche 911 Turbo S in “Ruby Red.”

ppf porsche turbo s pts ppf porsche turbo s pts 2 ppf porsche turbo s pts 3

This new Ferrari 812 Superfast is also in the queue to receive paint protection film. It went through an extensive paint correction procedure so the paint will be in perfect condition before the film is applied. Remember, how coatings and film look depends on the condition of the paint underneath!

In addition to paint correction, we applied new STEK DYNOblack paint protection film. This new film from STEK retains all of the protection and self-healing properties of their DYNOshield but comes in a gloss black finish. From small accent areas to full panels, you can transform the appearance of your vehicle and protect it at the same time.

ferrari 812 superfast stek dynoblack esoteric 1 ferrari 812 superfast stek dynoblack esoteric 3ferrari 812 superfast stek dynoblack esoteric 2

Please contact us and let us help you protect and enhance your vehicle!

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