Bright, bold, and ready for the street or track. This Azores Orange McLaren 720S was brought to us to enhance and protect the paint. The project started with a single stage paint correction, which removes small imperfections, swirls, and haze that can be present in the paint, even on brand new cars.

Once the paint was in great condition, we wrapped the entire front end which includes the hood, fenders, and bumper. To further protect low areas the following panels were also wrapped; lower doors, rockers, and rear impact areas were wrapped as well.

Several of the ESOTERIC differences when installing film on any vehicle is the following:

  • A strategic panel, vent, door, and glass disassembly to allow a seamless install
  • We use the clearest, best performing film in the industry. (not subjective, but proven with instrument testing)
  • Wrapping of all possible edges
  • Custom trim work
  • Plenty of time allotted for installation and to let film set properly

The film, much like paint, can still be susceptible to water spots, etching, and other hazards. To add a protective layer and make the vehicle even easier to clean, we then topped it with a Level 1 coating service featuring KAMIKAZE Miyabi Coat.

esoteric 720s project 9

esoteric 720s project 8

esoteric 720s project 7

esoteric 720s project 1

esoteric 720s project 2

esoteric 720s project 3

esoteric 720s project 4

esoteric 720s project 5

esoteric 720s project 6

esoteric 720s project 13

esoteric 720s project 11

esoteric 720s project 10

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